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Goats!! A Dream Come True.
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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

For a long, long time I have looked forward to owning goats. Lots of my friends knew about this desire and it has often been joked about over the years. I do greatly enjoy goats, they are very intersesting little creatures, but I think the main reason I looked forward to owning them is because it would also mean I had a house and land to call home. Even just a few years ago, that seemed so far away to my travelling self. Well, tonight we brought 5 goat girls home. I guess I'm really home now, too. Thanks, Shane, for becoming a goat farmer right along with me! Who would have imagined, my city boy??

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I loved my goats and miss them. They are now living at local farms. Mac followed me around like a puppy. He is so beautiful. Denzel was areal character and bullied our pot belly pig, Lola. Be very careful what you feed them. Contrary to myth they can't eat everything. We learned the hard way that rhododendren is deadly.
dannie   Thursday, June 4, 2009
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