Contact Information
Winston-Salem, North Carolna

Pet Peeves
More than a "pet" peeve... more like a major peeve... Moral Relativism

About Good News
I am a simple man who likes to think deeply and profoundly about Truth and Reason.

I have a sensational wife (met in 1984) and daughter (born in 1995) but I fail miserably at loving them in the way God has called me to, nevertheless, I am thankful for His grace and theirs to put up with me.

I grew up loving and having a strong desire to build. I have been in commercial construction management since 1983. I worked hands on in construction from 1977 until 83 with one year of mostly technical classes at WCU in between. I worked my way up through the field and have been blessed with many great project and overall company leadership opportunities.

The purpose of this site is twofold. One is a way in which I can stay in touch with my family/friends and the other is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to do my best at learning and growing by sharing the reasons for what I believe and why.


Favorite Music
Praise and Worship, Good Ole Southern Rock & Roll, Blues with a beat, Jazz, Country, Classical

Favorite Movies
The Surrogates, The Matrix Trilogy, (Reminds me of Renee Descartes' struggle for truth), Diary of a Mad Black Woman, (Wonderful story of redemption that will keep you in stitches), I Robot, (more action packed philosophy), Hitch, (more Will Smith), Chariots of Fire, (Faith and choices), Facing the Giants, Remember the Titans (another football movie), Angel Eyes (I think this is the best "Love Story" movie I have ever seen)

My Family, Discussing Truth, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Long distance Inline Skating and Cycling, Reading,