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Tibetan Buddhism

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Tibetan Buddhism

So if you are intrigued by, or would like to know more about Tibetan Buddhism, this should interest you. Below is a link to a message given by one of our missionaries who has spent the last 7 years living on a plateau in Tibet (11,000 ft. above sea level). This family of 4 live among their neighbors, many in mud huts, in this region where winter lasts 9 months per year and endures temperatures of minus 20-25 degrees.

Their experience is first hand and will likely surprise you. Most people view Tibetan Buddhism as being very peaceful and enlightened. When in reality what is practiced in this village is very dark and even the leaders can't really explain what they believe and why they believe it.

His message begins to describe his experience with these folks at about the 11 minute mark. Check it out for yourself. http://hopepresws.com/components/com_sermonspeaker/medi...

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