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My Love

Friday, July 20th, 2012

My Love

This is a poem that Joey Hayes, (our high school friend in the midst of a huge battle with liver cancer) wrote for his wife Karen. A dear friend, talented musician and song writer, Danny Johnston put it to music in this beautiful song!


Here are the lyrics:

Beautiful smile and sparkling eyes
Blue as the sea and the sky
And passion of youth that does burn so deep
This journey we've yet to complete

Many a mile we have traveled dear
To places afar now becoming so near
Growing as one our spirits the flame
Our love yet burning through both joy and pain

Plan as we did for those golden years
Hearts merged as one the future so near
Yet even when fate turned light into dark
We found through faith a bright shining spark

Now five and twenty years bound together are we
My precious Lord, my angel and me
But oh, what a joy and wonder it'll be
All together as one for eternity

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