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Sunday, September 4th, 2011

What If?

One of my Facebook friends posted this weblink http://tinybuddha.com/blog/4-key-questions-to-feel-full... today and it compelled me to write the following:

What if the teachings of all religions actually point to a central truth? What if they reveal a deeper inner desire within us that we are longing to fulfill and they show how mankind longs to make their way into acceptance or communion with this fulfillment?

What if our ways of fulfilling this inner desire just don't seem to get us there? That no matter how many different ways we try, and no matter how successful we are at performing them, there still remains a void that we just can't seem to fill?

What if our desire and longing to be accepted is designed within us? What if it points to a deeper truth about us that we won't find out until we meet the one who actually made us, with whom to have this deep relationship?

What if our desire for freedom actually points to a truth that we are in bondage to our desires and that we want to be free of them? What if the one who made us actually has the ability to free us from this bondage that we are unable to break away from ourselves?

What if the loneliness we experience shows us that we are made to be in a relationship and when we are not, there is a void? What if the joy we experience, when we feel love from another, although temporary it has proven to be, actually points to a greater love that is out there?

What if the thing we are searching for is really outside of us? That the longing for joy IN us, is something we can actually experience when we recognize that "one" outside of us actually loves us and wants to commune with us?

What if the "feelings" we experience turn out to be fleeting and untrustworthy? What if our "gut" is telling us that there is a greater truth that we have not yet experienced? What if "Truth" is real and greater than what we feel or desire to believe?

What if the good sensations we feel along with the bad sensations we feel, actually point to a reality of good and evil in this world? What if we really do have a choice to make between the two?

What if the struggles and pain that we experience in life actually point to a reality that reveals we live in a fallen and broken world. And apart from one who is in control, we are lost and without hope?

What if the one who made us actually came and experienced the struggle of life on earth? What if the one who made us, is perfect and without fault even having experienced such?

What if we really are more sinful and rotten than we ever imagined, yet more loved than we ever dared to hope?

What if the one who made us, planned all of this, and actually put it in writing over thousands of years using numerous different authors? And what if we could read what His plans are for us, plans to give us a hope and a future?

What if He sealed this plan with nails through His hands, for you, and for me? And what if He gives us the power and the joy to live this fulfilled life we have been longing to live, with Him coming into us to perfectly fulfill all of the desires of our heart?

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