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Friday, March 13th, 2009

Boy or Girl?

In one week Kati and I will find out whether we are to be expecting a baby girl or a baby boy this August. I'm looking to humzOoers for the predictions. The whole thing is making me anxious. The room we have set aside for the baby has been painted a fluorescent green color since we moved into our house. I would love to be able to know what color I can immediately paint over that florescent green.

So, let me know if you think the baby will be a boy, a girl, or a little shy...and tell me what color the room should be painted.*

*All paint choices must be approved by the Mrs.

Tags:  Baby Day, Joe, Kati
I think pink is generally a girl color but blue really can go both ways. You have the options of neutrals too ya know, like red, green, yellow, etc. It depends on how you plan to decorate the room. Is mom going to use character style bedding or is she going more modern and planning to use stripes and polka dots? That will make a difference in what color you paint. Character rooms are all primary colors and you can't go wrong. Stripes, florals and polka dots, on the other hand, can be less easy to paint around if you don't already have a pattern picked out.

Did that help? Probably not.
Richie & Ashley   Friday, March 13, 2009
boy... bluish grey
Spike   Friday, March 13, 2009
I am not a big fan or neutrals. I want pink for a girl blue for a boy. But it depends on what kind of bedding set and decor we will go with. So many ideas, I cannot wait to get started!
K8Day   Friday, March 13, 2009
I think PINK! Pink is my favorite color and I am predicting a girl and she will be just like her AUNTY KIM! Okay, OKay, so maybe you might have a boy. In that case a soft light blue will be in order.
Aunty Kim   Friday, March 13, 2009
Its a very exciting moment.
Who's your OB?
LimeyGeorge   Friday, March 13, 2009
What is baby's heartrate?? I need to know that before I can predict : )
Jules   Friday, March 13, 2009
Dr. Stone @ SOGA,
The babies heartrate is about 155 on average, it has been higher.
K8Day   Friday, March 13, 2009
I think you should go with washable off-white. Babies have many multi-colored possessions and once you get their stuff in with a theme, it is just messy looking. If the room is small, dark colors just make it look smaller (and dustier) Also, unless you want to repaint in 2 years, you need something that can be flexible. Select curtains bedding and posters for color and change them to suit the child. I know Kati wants a crib that changes to a toddler bed. The room should be just as easily redocorated.
Joan   Friday, March 13, 2009
ok, I'm guessing girl then. Pink it is!
Jules   Friday, March 13, 2009
My daughter's heartrate right before she was born was 145. All the nurses said it's a boy for sure! Wrong!!
!   Friday, March 13, 2009
I wouldn't base anything on heart rate, especially since no one has asked when that heart rate was taken.
Joe   Friday, March 13, 2009
My late grandmother would ask Joe to look at Kati's butt and answer this simple question: "Is it more round or flat?" Now, my question is this: How old was Kati at the time of conception and in what month was this baby conceived? :O)

PS. I'm not a fan of color painted on walls, so I'd leave 'em white; however, I'm sure that will get vetoed here. HA!
Angi   Friday, March 13, 2009
You guys are going to have a girl, and her name will be Cecilia. She will like frogs and unicorns.
Dave Heinzel   Friday, March 13, 2009
Dylan's room is apple green and we love it! Even if we had found out the sex we would have chosen that color. You should wait. It is so awesome finding out the sex on the birth day! You then also get all unisex baby stuff that you can use for another kid. Pink and blue are overrated! :)
niki   Friday, March 13, 2009
I liked Dylan's room. And it looks more like a child could grow into it without feeling like a "baby" when older. I say boy. No reason--I just do. :)
LGrant   Friday, March 13, 2009
I think paint the room sagey green. That way you can get it done now and not worry about the sex of the kid. AND you might not have to prime. BONUS!
Betsy   Friday, March 13, 2009
Giirl but I like the trend away from pink or blue. age is pretty neutral and is very peaceful. I'm sure it will be wonderful what ever you do.
dannie   Friday, March 13, 2009
Angi, I was 25 and it was November when the child was conceived.
I always had a thing for green and there is a very cool green and brown set at Babies-R-Us that I like, but I am dying to know what it is so I can start looking. I am too "particular" not to know, maybe if we have another one, it can be a surprise.
K8Day   Friday, March 13, 2009
Boy. Top half blue. Bottom half brown. White trim.

You need to have a boy so I have an excuse to buy something I saw recently.
Courtney Heinzel   Friday, March 13, 2009
Courtney, I love the painting idea!
K8Day   Friday, March 13, 2009
Betsy, I think sage green is out since the rooms on either side of that one are sage green theme.
Joe   Friday, March 13, 2009
Girl. Some kind of light green and go with a gender neutral theme for the nursery.
soundchick   Friday, March 13, 2009
GO ahead and go with Courtney's idea and pain the bottom half brown.  Then when you find out if it is boy or girl you can paint the top.  Also, if he or she is too shy to tell you then you can go with green.  :)
franklins   Friday, March 13, 2009
I'm with Niki on waiting for the sex, but I do understand that is VERY uncommon these days. I love Courtney's idea on the paint. I'm a fan of multiple colors in one room. Very classy idea Courtney!
Richie & Ashley   Friday, March 13, 2009
My prediction is a Girl, but of course the health of the baby is what is important. I think Joe would be great with girls since he has been so kind to support my Girl Scout these past few years. Maybe Joe could even be a Troop Leader?
We went with off white walls and then decorated with pink accents.
This is an exciting time. Enjoy every minute because before you know it they will be 11 and 13 like our girls.
Hawkeye   Friday, March 13, 2009
You're going to have a boy... AND a girl! The girl has been slyly hiding in the background (behind Kati's kidneys) and hasn't been seen until the 20th when she'll pop out of hiding. Then you can have the first bunk bed crib in creation.* I honestly can't decide what you should have, but like I said before either way you're a winner. There's no girl on our side of the family and no boy on Kati's so it's win-win. Can't wait to hear. Oh and if for some strange reason you decide that you don't wanna know, be sure to give the sonogram tech my phone number so they can tell me. I've got things to buy!

*Patent pending.
Ames   Friday, March 13, 2009
Franklins, I think you are on to something. I will put Joe on it right away. Bette you are so right! As long as it is healthy, I do not care what we have. Amy put it well, whatever we have on my side it will be the first grandson for my mom and dad and on Joe's side it will be the first granddaughter for his mom and dad, so it's win-win. I totally have a guess and I have said this from day one, but I will keep it a secret until we know, so I do not sway any Humzooers.
K8Day   Friday, March 13, 2009
I think you should go all out and paint a mural-take the time and be creative. I had ballerinas and jungle animals at different times as a kid. My brother had sports and Barney.
Krystal   Friday, March 13, 2009
I honestly thought about doing something like this:

Maybe having Dave Heinzel paint some stuff too.
K8Day   Saturday, March 14, 2009
That's a great idea, K8. With Joe and Dave around--the possibilities are endless!!
LGrant   Saturday, March 14, 2009
Oh my god thats exactly what Jim wanted for Liam's room. Actually I'm sure he really wanted it for his own, but that would never fly.
Ames   Saturday, March 14, 2009
Joe - I know from experience that if the heart rate is fast (170 or more ) it is likely to be a girl. Back when I had my daughter sonograms were only done if there was a problem.The doctor's estimated the sex of the baby by heart rate. Make sure we all know when you find out. Good luck - Marsha Adams
Marsha Adams   Saturday, March 14, 2009
At 7 weeks it was 129, at 9 weeks it was 167, at 11 weeks the heartrate was 189, at our 15 week apointment, the heart rate was about 155. It has varied every time, so I am not sure what to guess.
K8Day   Sunday, March 15, 2009
I think this only proves your baby has a treadmill in the womb.
Ames   Sunday, March 15, 2009
Actually Dave Heinzel, her name will be Bailee and will be super duper smart. She will love platypuses and unicorns not frogs and unicorns! Heehee. I love aming funny predictions.
Caroline   Thursday, March 19, 2009
I say girl!!
Amber   Thursday, March 19, 2009
AWWWWW Aunti KIm was right! Pink it is!
Kim   Monday, March 23, 2009
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