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RestoTrip12 Post 3

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

RestoTrip12 Post 3

First off, before managing to stay up way later than I meant to in my last post, I somehow managed to paint myself the fool once more.

Jon, my roommate, recently got engaged. Before that, he asked me to be his best man. I was incredibly honored. We hugged it out. It was bromantic.

The night of "Post 2", Jon was messing with our friend Tori on twitter, because she kept jokingly saying that she was going to be his best man. He responded by telling her I had dibs. Don't ask me how... But somehow... I forgot he had already asked me... And then I continued to make a big deal out of it, publicly on twitter, and then brag it in Tori's face. Jon then basically said, "Dude, I already asked you like, months ago..."

fun fun.

As for the rest of the week, it was productive, I suppose. We cleaned cabins, moved our things into the main lodge that we were supposed to be staying in after the other group had left, and played Super Smash Bros. on Gamecube or watched movies on my projector during any spare time that we may have had.

Any time that we spent outside was splitting or stacking wood, and picking up garbage or raking leaves. Thursday we went home. I stayed in the dorm all weekend, and spent some more time with some people who I had gotten to know at LGCA.

Once classes started back up, we met up with other groups and shared stories with how our weeks went. I met up with a friend of mine, Hannah, who was with me last year, and returned to Minnesota again for a third time. She told me that the little kids at the White Earth Reservation were asking about me, and why I wasn't there. My heart broke. I really didn't have any idea that they would remember me. My mind drifted back to the amazing trip we had last year, and the relationships that we built with each other, the kids, and the people at the schools.

My plan for next year is to attempt to go to England. A few of my friends went this year, and it is led by my Spiritual Formation Group Leader. I've been told that there is a lot of sight seeing, but we also spend quite a bit of time in the public schools, talking to kids about the Bible. At some point, I'm going to try to get some more details about it.

Still, my heart continues to feel tugged back to the Native kids on the reservation in White Earth, Minnesota.

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