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Monday, April 18th, 2011

Week of E - Day 4

Monday Monday Monday.

We had to get up and over to the girls cabin- considered the main cabin, so that we could get breakfast real quick before heading out at 7:45.

The van left around 8, but it was all good, because we made it there in time anyway. We split up into different groups. Jess, Jessica and I stayed back and helped with service projects around the school. We cleaned a couple rooms, and scrubbed some toilets. Then we ventured into the cafe area and ate with the kids.

I swear, like... these kids grow up in troubled homes, and have so many things happen to them, that they are so just... magnetized to new people, and just cling on to them, especially when we show them the Love of Christ. Most of the time we didn't even have to initiate conversation with them, they would talk to us first.

So we got to spend time with the kids during lunch, which was great. Then we went and played dodge ball during recess with the kids. Ok. Here's how it went down.

1st game. (all of these were guys against girls, by the way...) We got the guys all in a huddle and revved them up for the game. Jess and I played it back a little. Then we noticed 'arm-cannon'. At the moment, her name escapes me, but the girl could DODGE BALL! She managed to get, I believe, 5 of the guys out back to back within a couple minutes or so.

2nd game. We played it up a little bit more, thinking we should try to get this girl out because she skunked us hardcore. We Failed. Then Dan started playing. on the girls team. Dan was the Custodian.

3rd game. and all games after that. I worked up a giant sweat. We were trying. Like, actually playing. It was Jess and I along with a bunch of 3rd and 4th grade guys against the girls, Bazooka Fist Jane, and Dan, the Overkill.

Afterward, the three of us stayed in there with the gym teacher to help with his classes. It was a fantastic awesome time, and it was then that I realized how long it had been since I had had ANY form of PE, as well as how many packages of Ramen had filled that time. But, I managed to keep going simply by using the second hand energy given off by all the kids. My plan for tomorrow is to be with the 3rd and 4th graders in the class room tomorrow until they go to gym, and then stay in there since they are the first class in PE after lunch. Then I'll just stay there the whole rest of the day. But that's just my plans and assumptions. I know that may not even happen at all.

We didn't have boys and girls club afterward due to the fact that the center is closed on mondays, so after classes, we just went home. The Elders (elderly people of the community) made us a bag of cookies. They were pretty awesome. As soon as we got back to the campgrounds, all three of us guys just went back to the dorm and crashed. So tired. They wore us out. It was so funny though. The girls kept trying to hook up Jess with like, Savannah and Jessica. They called him Cupid. They called me Thanksgiving Turkey. I laughed and rubbed my belly at the kid asking him why he called me that exactly. He said it was because I ran like a turkey who was trying to avoid becoming thanksgiving dinner. Better than what I thought he was getting at, so I was settled as Big Thanksgiving Day Turkey, or Thanksgiving Turkey for short.

I didn't really get that much footage today (variety wise, anyway) because I wasn't really around them in the classrooms as much. I'm looking forward to what we're going to do during boys and girls club after school, and getting some footage from there.

But we got back, and we had a recap of the day. Then Grandma explained that we weren't allowed out past 10:30 anymore, and we couldn't travel anywhere alone either because the garbage was tipped over last night so there was either- hold on. hold on. Get this. Either a Raccoon... or a Bear. I paused, and turned to grandma where I just simply pointed out that I felt that that was a bit of a jump in assumptions there. But she told us that there had been a bear sighted in the area over at someones house digging through the garbage. In my mind, i actually kind of thought, well of course there are bears in the area. This IS Minnesota after all.
Jess Jon and I slept till dinner, which we didn't want to get up for at all. Jon and I slumped our way out to the girls cabin, where the food was, but we put on flip flops out of defiance.

We ate, I came back and showered- which, thanks to grandma, is no longer bone chillingly cold. We ran through the lesson plan for tomorrow. Ate some more food. Went back and at this pumpkin dessert stuff. Then the guys and I came back to the cabin and went to bed. Oi.

And then I heard bumps in the night. I have guesses at what it was, but I dunno. I'm very tired. And we have to get up in the morning. Here we go. Sleepy McDrowsy, the heavy-eyed insomniac. Fare Thee Well.

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Looking forward to hearing about your Tuesday!
YammaSue   Tuesday, April 19, 2011
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