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Start of the School Year

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Start of the School Year

So school has started.

I think things will be different this year. Last year was freshman year, and was filled with many nights of foolishness, keeping me up until 1-3 first semester and until 6-9 second semester when I had classes at 11. This year, I've been falling asleep around midnight, mostly because I work 7:30-10:30 most days now.

I'm taking Greek. Probably my most frustrating class. We're speeding through too much too fast, it feels like.

Ancient Civilizations (IDS201) is the next level of the Worldviews classes. Currently, we're talking about Egypt.

Visual Media for Worship I think is the class I'm looking forward to the most. We're learning about things like Final Cut Express. Sadly, at the moment, we're only going through Helvetica Font Faces... oh joy...

Pentateuch with Zorn. I enjoy this class, mostly because of... Zorn's... teaching style. We've had some very interesting and intense conversations already in the class.

The last class I'm taking is Business Communications. I'm taking it as a communication elective. Little did I realize that the class is more geared towards the business end than the communications end, so I'm the only communications major in the class. Of course, I'm the only communications major in MOST of my classes, but that's besides the point.

But yah, that's my schedule this semester. I'm getting along well with my roommate. Jon's epic. We have Christmas lights up around the room, along with some lava lamps. We also may, or may not have switched the florescent bulbs in our light fixture with black lights. Jon has a talking clock. I have a projector. It's a good man cave.

Good times.

You forgot the color-changing lamp. And the clock has a name, thank you very much. She's Moshi.
Jon   Sunday, September 4, 2011
Yes yes, and our broken air conditioner and soon to be epic media center followed by the fridge on a skateboard and microwaved xbox.
TheGreenRanger   Monday, September 5, 2011
This year will be great! We already all have each other :)
Kait-Sized   Tuesday, September 6, 2011
KAIT KAIT KAIT KAIT KAIT! I really was glad when we were able to come visit you guys! Bub's was beast. Poor Jess. aw. I TOLD him not to be a hero... Be strong, friend. We will endure. David fought not only a bear, but a lion as well before he took on Goliath. This is training so that you will not be overwhelmed for the future. YOU CAN DO IT KAIT! WE CAN DO IT! GO TEAM, GOOOO!
TheGreenRanger   Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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