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RestoTrip12 Post 1

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

RestoTrip12 Post 1

This year, they changed the name of our missions trip from week of e to Restoration Week. Currently, I am without wifi, and as I cannot tether at the moment, I'm blogging from my phone.

This year, due to funding, I am helping closer to lincoln on the little galilee trip. What I've been told is that we are going to clean up and get stuff ready for the summer. I've never been here before, so I'm sure it will be quite the experience in comparison to some of the veterans on the trip.

So far we've set up base in one of the group cabins until sunday, due to double booking in the main lodge where we will be staying on monday. Most of us drove here, but for liability reasons, we couldn't car pool, so we all had to either drive alone or go in the group van.

We got here, ate some pizza, and played some cards to get to know each other. Afterwards, we set up the gamecube and 64 for some smash and mario kart.

When we all went our ways to go to bed, it was then I realized that there were at least 6 other guys in our sleeping area, all of whom had different sleeping habits than me. Things like snoring, and blaring music started off as issues, but in the last half hour of this blog have seemed to have died down, thankfully. Likewise, I'm sure that the light from my freakish phone hasn't lulled anyone to sleep either.

Tomorrow (saturday) morning, we have to be up at 8 for breakfast, and then I'm giving a morning devo.

In my late night state, my mind has begun to wander, and I have been thinking back to last years trip to white earth. I can only hope that this year's group can have even half of the fantastic time that we had. And I can only hope that this year, I can have just as fruitful of a trip in the coming week.

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