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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

A Night of Laughs

Our friend/neighbor Paul is out of town on business which left his wife, Amanda and daughter, Natalie home alone. Amanda and have become very dear friends. The girls always eat with us while Paul is out of town! Tonight we decided to treat them to a yummy dinner at Carabba's Italian restaurant. Little did we know that our night would be full of big laughs.

When they arrived we had our first laugh. (I wish I'd taken a picture) Natalie was wearing a thick pair of leggings under a pair of bermuda shorts which were a cupcake print, with a sparkly cupcake shirt and a floral, fleece lined jacket. Her shoes were brigh pink, closed toe sandals, with socks to match of course! Obviously she had dressed herself. We stopped off at Walgreens first so Amanda could get some childrens sinus medicine. While in the car she tells Richie, "Richie, I love you!" Richie returned the sentiment. Then she says, "And I love your friend Ashley too!" We both laughed so hard; I told her I loved her back. We got the restaurant and had a short wait. While we waited she informed me that "mom's purse smells like gum--sniff it!" She also told me that little people, like her, can sit with their legs folded up on the bench, but big people can't do that. I agreed and told her our legs were too big. She nodded in agreement. When they seated us Natalie got a kids menu, withOUT crayons. Immediately the waitress comes to the table and askes if we need anything; Natalie blurted out, "Yeah, I need some crayons!" We all laughed and explained that there was a nicer way to ask. They were out of crayons so mom, Amanda, gave her a pencil. We got bread (standard) and had mozzerella sticks, both of which she ate plenty! When we got our salads she stared at my plate saying, "You have olives; I like olives!" I deliberately did not eat them, waiting for her to ask politely. I got through my whole salad when Richie finally prompted her to ask politely; she did so I gave her the olives. She put one in her mouth, twinged a bit and said, "Are these purple?" We said yes, she said, "I like black olives." She ate them both but you could tell it was NOT what she'd expected.

Our dinner came to the table and she agreed to the extra parmesean cheese on top. The booth the table was so tall that she actually asked for a booster seat, which she normally does not use. Once we got her a seat she sat still, moving only her head looking around in amazment. Amanda said, "It looks different when you're tall like us huh?" Natalie just looked around, almost confused and nodded. I cut her raviolis up and turned them over because she decided that she, in fact, did not like the parmesean cheese. Amanda said she had to eat 3 raviolis (pieces 1.5 whole) before she could be done. Then Natalie asked me, "Ashley can you make these squares?" So I cut them into quarters. I explained that since I was cutting them in half that she now had to eat 6 pieces. She understood and looked somewhat disappointed. We giggled at her again. She began eating. I have eaten with this child countless times and have never seen her shovel food into her little mouth so hard and fast. Amanda commented on how good she was eating and Natalie's reply was, "Well, Ashley said I had to eat 6 pieces." So she continued to eat until it was all gone! I high-fived her and we all praised her for eating her food. I asked her if she'd like to have a dessert--well of course she did!

The waitress asked if a kid's sundae was okay; Natalie said she'd like strawberries on it. So the waitress brough out a bowl of ice cream with a strawberry stuck in the middle all sliced up and spread out. Natalie was in heaven! She picked up the dish of ice cream and kissed the strawberry on top and said, "I love strawberries, and I'm going to eat this all gone!" We all laughed till it hurt. She kissed her dessert. She even took her jacket off at this point so she could really dig into it. When she was finsihed eating she said it was time to go because she could hear Raja (her toy puppy) calling her from the car.

We got home without incident; all of us stuffed like absolute piggies. Even Amanda couldn't believe how much food this child consumed. While we were in our garage talking about it, we hear Natalie say, "What is this?" She hands Richie a paper, instructions on a USB port. I said, "Oh it's just trash." She replied immediately with, "You're not suppose to throw trash on the garage floor. That's not where it goes." We laughed again and agreed that trash goes in the trash can.

We had so many fantastic laughs tonight courtesy of Natalie. Thank you Natalie. We really do love you, so much and are so glad you're in our lives.

Tags:  Children, Friends
Sounds like a great night and Natalie is vast entertainment. :)
LGrant   Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Sounds like a fun evening. I love going out to dinner with other peoples' kids; it's usually quite entertaining.
girlcarew   Wednesday, February 24, 2010
How old is she? Sounds like a lot of fun!!!
runt   Wednesday, February 24, 2010
She turned 4 in January. She's a hoot!
Richie & Ashley   Wednesday, February 24, 2010
ooohhh 4 is a GREAT age!!! They are old enough to be verbal and young enough to not sass (well ususally lol). I work with a bunch of 4-5 yr olds and the things they say and do are priceless!
runt   Thursday, February 25, 2010
Oh, this one is the QUEEN of sass because her father is a sarcastic smarty pants. She'll look you in the face and tell you, "Be quiet; I can't hear my tv!" She will tell you what to do and what she wants and when she'll have it. She is abnormally mature for a 4 year old. The little one you're describing was her at 2 and 3. LOL
Richie & Ashley   Thursday, February 25, 2010
Just the laugh I needed today! Ashley, you described the evening so beautifully that I felt like I was right there with you. What a fun night!
YammaSue   Thursday, February 25, 2010
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