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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

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Caleb is the son of the friends living with us. He is 3 years old and is a normal, rambunctious little guy.

Michelle, Caleb and I went to California over the weekend for a family baby shower. We had a great time and Caleb got to see his grandma. We headed for home on Monday morning and arrived back in Phoenix around 4pm.

We were mere minutes from the house when he woke up, coughed really hard 3 times and passed back out. She was afraid he was going to vomit so she pulled over. He was non responsive. He moved his eyes about but never focused on her or anything else. She was confused about what was going on and rushed home.

I got out of the car first and opened the door. Richie had been home sick so I went to the back of the house to check on him. When I back through to the front she was carrying Caleb in saying, "He's having a seizure." I immediately called 911. I gave them all the information they asked for, they transferred me to the fire dept. where I repeated almost everything. They told me that if there was any change I was to call them back. As soon as I hung up I went to the bedroom to wake Richie. As I exited the bedroom I heard Michelle scream, "He's not breathing!" So, naturally I called 911 back. They were 1/2 mile from the house. Richie got up in time to answer the phone, it was the medics letting us know they were 1/4 mile away. We opened the front door so they could rush right in.

Through all of this Michelle is desperately trying to get Caleb to respond to her voice and her touch. When she got him inside she put him on the couch and stripped him down. He emptied his bladder. He went from a lack of focus to lack of eye movement altogether. As he stopped breathing Michelle began CPR, but his mouth was locked shut. I told her to breath through his nose. When she began doing that you could hear the air leaving his little body while she pumped it out of him. His little lips turned blue. As far as she could tell his heart never stopped beating, thank our God in Heaven for that! Moments before the medics arrived he gasped for air on his own and began labored, shallow breathing. We prayed over him. His breathing started becoming more normal.

7-10 men rushed into the house with boxes. They were informed immediately that she'd just been able to resuscitate him. So he was no longer a "code"! The began man handling him, checking pulse, blood sugar, pupils, temp---everything. He was non-responsive then too. He just flopped around like a rag doll. A police officer asked me to tell him the story of what I knew while the medics worked on Caleb. When they established that he was breathing fine (with oxygen of course) they moved him to the gurney. He was sitting up by himself pretty well on his own. At this point the police officer moved to Michelle and asked her side of the story.

I grabbed Caleb some undies from his bedroom. When I brought them in she was still trying to get him to respond. (He loves the Wonder Pets and sings their theme song all the time. If he over hears the word "phone" or "teamwork" he breaks into song.) She sang, "The phone. . . ." expecting him (wanting him) to pick up and continue. He did not. She sang it again, "The phone . . .". Then a medic sings, "The phone is ringing." Another chimes in, "The phone, the phone is ringing." Yet a third sings, "We'll be right there." Then one of the cops sings, "Teamwork." And a fourth medic sings, "What's gonna work?" A fifth medic sings, "Teamwork!" Right here in our family room was the most amazing, well orchestrated medic musical ever! Seven large, well built, manly men singing Wonder Pets. They all obviously had children, which was comforting to us. But each one of them took a line from the show and sang it right in sync. It was the comedy relief we needed at that moment. And it was, of course, far more hilarious as we looked back on the performance.

Caleb was discharged from the hospital at 11pm on Monday night. He was back to his normal, rambunctious self even before he left the hospital. They have appointments with their family doctor and a pediatric neurologist. The ER doctor refused to even attempt to diagnose what happened and did not bring in a neuro to do so either. (remind me not to goto that hospital!)

(Changing course here a bit)
When Richie relayed this information (about Caleb) to his mother she shared some bad news with us. His great Aunt Bobbie, who has Alzheimer's, had a fall on Sunday that landed her in the hospital. While she was there it was determined that she's in stage 7 and was given a couple months to live. Uncle George and Lise, their daughter, are getting hospice arrangements made. It will devastate his mother , and Richie for that matter, when she dies. This sounds just awful, I know, but the death of an Alzheimer's patient brings quite a bit of relief for all the caretakers. Uncle George has lost 40 pounds that he didn't have to lose. Lise had to quit her job and move in to care for her. Their life has stopped and Aunt Bobbie is starving her self to death at this point. It is just a very ugly and painful situation for the three of them to be in. I can not begin to imagine the day-to-day activities and struggles they have.

That's what's been going on with us. Lots of craziness, chaos and more devastating news for everyone around us. I just sit back and wonder what it is that we are suppose to be doing through all of this.

I am crying. I am crying from the intensity of Caleb's medical issues, I am crying because the paramedics were angels, I am crying because all the other devastating news you have heard recently. You and Richie do so many wonderful, selfless acts for others, I am praying that you will have some calm and peace for yourselves and others surrounding you soon.
Ericka P & Co. ♥   Thursday, May 27, 2010
I will pray for Caleb. I will pray for Richie's family. I will pray for you. Peace, my friend...peace.
Angi   Thursday, May 27, 2010
Goodness that is terrifying. So, so glad he is now ok. I definitely pray it was a one time thing, but I'm sure you all will be on edge for some time.
Will also pray for Richie's great aunt and family. Alzheimer's is one of the toughest, most heartbreaking things I know of.
Dana   Thursday, May 27, 2010
God bless you and your whole family, Ashley. And hang in there and take good care of yourself because it sounds as if you're going to have a lot of people to take care of.
!   Thursday, May 27, 2010
dannie mentioned the same thing on my blurb. We are taking care of ourselves, best we can, and our friends as they need it. We are taking care of Meghan from 'afar'. That's about it really. There's just a lot going on for our family and friends--much of it we have no control over and no real influence on the outcome. For me, the fixer, that is difficult. My sleeping has turned into shift sleep, which means that I get bad sleep for a few hours at night and then get short, quality naps during the day. We don't feel overwhelmed, thank God!

All we can do is leave all this tragedy for God to handle. There is no reason for us to get bent out of shape over something we can't control or influence. When we can help, we do; when we can't help, we pray!
Richie & Ashley   Thursday, May 27, 2010
Oh my goodness. I am relieved to hear that Caleb is okay now. I hope you update us on what might have happened. I can definitely imagine how terrifying those moments must have been.
As for Richie's great aunt, I am sorry to hear she is doing so poorly. My thoughts are with your family.
girlcarew   Thursday, May 27, 2010
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