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Friday, November 26th, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

2010 Black Friday shopping was a success!

At 11pm last night Richie and I headed to Wal-Mart for some shopping. If you have never shopped Black Friday at WM, which we hadn't, let me share with you the basic floor set up. All through the main isles (action isles) there are pallets lined up with the BF items. Each pallet is wrapped in black plastic wrap to hide its contents. I assume this was to discourage people from lining up in front of "hot items". It did not work. We noticed that many of these pallets had been broken into. Also, mind you, the items are not in their general dept areas. I found Leggos in the baby dept near the diapers; the Power Wheels Jeeps were outside in the garden dept, and movies & video games were lined up in the meat dept. There was no rhyme or reason to how anything was placed throughout the store.

As we walked the store to see how everything was laid out and where items were, we realized people were breaking into the plastic wrap and taking the items off the pallets at least 1 hour before the "12:01 sale" was to actually begin. Richie and I commented on it between ourselves quite a bit. We were patient, calm and polite as we wove ourselves through the maze of a store. The first person said to us, "Go ahead and take what you want. Everyone is doing it." I commented back, "That doesn't mean it's right." That lady dropped her head and walked away from us. Once I was stationed near the Barbies (which was not a hot item) another couple (about our age) came by and their basket was full of highjacked BF items. It was 10 mins until midnight. A mere 10 minutes to wait. Something was said about taking things early. The man threw his head back, laughed very hard, turned towards me and made eye contact with me as he said, "Why not get what you want. Everyone is doing it!" I was very serious, very calm, and very maternal when I replied with, "Just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it right. It's cheating. You can't wait 10 minutes? It's just not right." He stopped laughing as another woman standing near me agreed verbally that the behavior was inappropriate. When his wife returned they left our area immediately!

We got our jammies, Leggos, Barbies, shirts and a couple other things. We waited in line patiently and got out of there and home by 2am. We wound down and were in bed by 3am with the alarm set for 5am to go back for a Nintendo DS lite (for my mother). By 11pm the electronics line was already wrapped around the store; so we weren't too hopeful. At 5:20am we discovered that the whole line had been gone through and no one was waiting for a single electronic item. We asked the question of the day, "Are there any DS's left?". Of course the answer was "No". We were disappointed by not surprised. We headed back over to the jammies to see if there was anything left we might pick through, when Richie said he needed to blow his nose. Off he went to the back of the store to the bathroom while I meandered through the left over jammies. I noticed it was taking him an extra long time but figured the store was pretty packed. I walked into the boys dept to lean on a table and wait on him when something caught my eye.

There in plain sight, right on top of all the shirts, with many other items, laid a Nintendo DS lite!! Thank you God for that divine intervention!! Someone had dumped several items, among them was the DS. I was in total shock. But was unable to bring myself to take it and run, so I waited around a bit---until Richie came back actually. (He was gone a long time!) He had milled around electronics to see if there were any DS systems back there---nope, none. I showed him what I found and where I found it. We both stood there speechless and in total awe of what God had provided. I jokingly said, "This must be our reward for being good and polite when we were in here earlier tonight!" We laughed and remained speechless for a while. Because we only had 4 items we were able to check out at the jewelry counter (10 items or less). We were home by 6am.

I still cannot believe the "luck" we had in getting that game system.....getting up at 5am and getting home by 6am....all done in 1 hour's time! Only God could have pulled that off for us!!! We got home and went back to sleep by 7am. I was up by 10am, and Richie I woke Richie at 11am. We then watched as my father showed us how to change spark plugs and wires in our car. (the car is a whole different blog!)

We got ready and all four of us went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. Then we found ourselves at one of the outlet malls to shop. I got some more maternity clothes and the angel tree kids some stuff too. Then we were off to IKEA! It was my parents first IKEA experience. Needless to say, my mother plum wore me out!!! I have not been this exhausted in a very, VERY long time! I'm sure that between last night shopping, early morning shopping, and all afternoon (into evening) shopping we'll sleep quite well tonight!!

Sounds like you got just about everything you wanted! And I could SO go bankrupt at Ikea. Just sayin'.
Angi   Saturday, November 27, 2010
Yeah, IKEA is definately the land of temptation! Both my parents, separate of one another, commented that they need a U-haul to get all the stuff home that they wanted to buy! LOL They were really impressed by their finds and their prices!

We did get everything we wanted! I was really grateful for our shopping experience yesterday. To get the things we did, how we did, for the prices we did. Even with all the cheaters we got what we needed to get. :) In my opinion, THAT is proof there is a God!
Richie & Ashley   Saturday, November 27, 2010
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