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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Unbelievable Kindness

Usually when Richie and I go out together I do not take my purse. However, tonight, because I needed to check my blood sugar while we were out, I did take my purse with me.

We went to an awful dinner at Red Lobster. When we left he asked to make sure I'd grabbed my phone off the table. Then we decided to goto Fry's grocery to grab some eggs and a couple other things. I snagged a small cart, threw my purse in the top and we began shopping. They were out of eggs; so we decided to cut our losses, go to Wal-Mart and comp them there. I pushed the cart just outside the door and headed off to WM.

We were at WM for about 20 mins when my mother called his cell phone. It made me nervous because it was midnight in Arkansas. I was afraid something was wrong. He handed me the phone and she began her story....

A hispanic man had called her. He told her that he was talking to her from my cell phone and rambled on some other things, which she couldn't understand. She said he finally figured out that she wasn't "keeping up" with him so he simplified it. He said, "Do you have a daughter named Ashley?" She, in a bit of a panic, said yes. He told her, "I have her purse, her whole bag. I'm talking to you from her cell phone. I found it outside Fry's and brought it into the manager. I'm going to let you talk to Christina now. Merry Christmas." She was shocked (as was I by this point in the conversation) and said "Merry Christmas" back to him. The manager explained that he'd brought my purse in, gave my mother all the store information and told her that they'd be there for a little while closing up (as it was after closing time). She suggested my mother get in touch with me and have me go back to the store, knock on the door, and they'd be happy to return my purse to me.

As you can imagine Richie had already left WM, leaving me there with a basket full of food, to goto Fry's to grab my purse. When he got back he said that the manager made him show I.D. to prove he was my husband. She then explained to him that the man hadn't gone through my purse, but that in the presence of this man and one other employee she had gone through it to identify me. Nothing was missing from my purse!! He had returned the entire thing completely intact! She said that this was not the first bag gone missing from their store, but it WAS the first one returned. Richie told her that he really wished he knew who the man was to reward him somehow. The manager just smiled and said nothing.

I don't know why I was shown such grace and kindness. This man was my angel.
All I can do is pray that God showers this man with more blessings than he can count. What a truly kind, generous and honest man this was. I really do hope he gets more than he deserves this Christmas.

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You are SO right...Feliz Navidad!!!
Angi   Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Proves my theory that there ARE good people in the world--hopefully more of them than the rest. :) Nice holiday story. The guy got his reward--a clear conscience and happiness knowing he helped someone else.
LGrant   Wednesday, December 22, 2010
It's always nice to know there are people with the holiday spirit in mind instead of the greed and rudeness that sometimes comes along with this season.

Yesterday we ran into Aldi to get a few things. While we were waiting in line to check out, the woman who was currently paying at the register asked the cashier to put several items aside and take them off her total. She didn't have enough money. She paid for what she could and moved aside to bag her groceries. The next lady in line started picking up a couple of the items, then asked the cashier to ring up all of the 6-8 items the first lady had to leave behind. She paid, then went to the woman and handed her the items she couldn't afford. The first lady was so surprised, then she hugged the woman. It was just so nice to see people care about each other, even when they are complete strangers.
Ames   Wednesday, December 22, 2010
I love stories like that--would that we all could keep that going all the time with all people but sadly there are people who would take advantage and use that kind of goodness against people. What a waste to be so negative and always thinking how to get something for nothing or steal what doesn't belong to you, etc. Nice story, Ames.
LGrant   Wednesday, December 22, 2010
That is a wonderful story, Ames!! I just hope someone repays this man who helped me because I can't.
Richie & Ashley   Wednesday, December 22, 2010
What a great story. Good to hear after a friend had her wallet stolen from her cart at Safeway yesterday.
girlcarew   Thursday, December 23, 2010
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