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Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Great Appointment!

We had a great doc appointment today!!

Heartrate was 148, as usual. If this baby is nothing it's consistant!
Growth is on target, not too big, and has finally grown into those long legs!
My water and placenta are perfect.
Baby's estimated weight is 2 lbs 14 oz.
Pineapple was laying head down, on my right side facing left. The soft kicks and pushes I feel above my belly button are little feet and the strong kicks to my bladder are little hands. She said baby is still small enough that there's plenty of room to flip, flop and move around a lot before finding a final resting position.
Our pineapple's heart echo went wonderfully and is perfectly healthy!! We got to see all 4 chambers, all the valves, arteries and everything into and out of the heart! It's just amazing to see our little pineapple's powerhouse pumping and flickering .... how amazing God is to create such an awesome thing as a heart!! He's been busy knitting this little one inside me and we're so blessed to get to see this baby grow, develop and thrive!
The baby was so cooperative that we could have found out the gender if we wanted to. We looked away as she checked and said the baby was quite open about its gender. I asked her how sure she was.... was she sure enough that we could paint the room if we wanted...she said, "Oh yes. This is very clear!". SO NOW WE'RE DYING!! BUT I really still don't want to know and neither does Richie!!!

Blood sugars are odd. My fasting and day numbers are good but my post dinners are a little high so they changed my dosage--again. It'll be another 2 weeks of adjustments. We did find out that Metformin canNOT be used during breastfeeding....that will make the experience THAT much more interesting... will I stay on Glyburide or take insulin? Who knows! They did indicate that Heparin and Pitocin (1 dose) are used post delivery in order to cut down on clotting and to shrink the uterus. As oppossed to Pit and Hep drips as I am, I feel like I will conceed and agree to it after delviery. The nurse isn't a fan of nipple stimulation for induction purposes and did agree that they'll use the gel to soften me up at 37 weeks if my cervix is long, thick or just stubborn. That'll be nice....our doula will like that. :)

I find myself posting weekly updates earlier and earlier....I think that's proof that I'm getting SUPER excited! In less than 80 days Richie and I will be parents. In less than 80 days we'll be holding our blessing. In less than 80 days we'll shed more tears than we thought possible, we'll have more love for our baby and one another than we thought possible, we'll have more fear, more joy, more bliss and more sleepless nights than we could ever imagine. We are SO excited! We are enjoying the journey while looking forward to the destination. I get overwhelmed and very emotional when I think about it any more. I know my heart and mind can't comprehend what is to come....but I am ready for it!

In less than 80 days you will have frequent, lengthy conversations solely about poop! lol
It is so much fun to read your blogs! That baby is the luckiest kid. You and Richie absolutely, positively grasp the magnitude of the gift you have been given. Imagine what the world would be if the same held true for each new life.
sandd   Friday, January 28, 2011
About the poop...we already have those conversations...I'm pregnant, poop is kinda a big thing! LMBO
I can't imagine what the world would be like if everyone appreicated the gift of life like we do. I can't imagine what the world would be like if there were more mommies like you. :)
Richie & Ashley   Friday, January 28, 2011
Every good report brings you closer to a healthy baby. Good for you -not everyone can appreciate the challenges you have to keep a healthy equilibrium during your pregnancy. We are all excited and happy for you!
dannie   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Thank you. It's frustrating and can be quite difficult (emotionally) to remain steadfast. I do it....but sometimes I still really wanna sit in the hospital parking lot with a bag of cookies and a gallon of milk. ;)
Richie & Ashley   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
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