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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

31 Weeks

I canNOT believe we have 2 months left....less than 60 days till we get to post pictures of a cute baby smiling, sleeping, crying, and bathing.

Things around here are changing, yet remaining the same. The house is no cleaner, the nesting hasn't really set in yet; at least not like I thought it would. We are finally really able to enjoy this pregnancy, and quite frankly, I don't want it to end! (we'll see how I feel in 6 weeks!) Richie is very excited about seeing and holding our little pineapple. I've become quite emotional and will cry over next to nothing. Poor Richie isn't quite sure how to handle that.

We've been super busy lately. Friday night was our Marriage Connection Valentine's Day dinner at church. It was fun, the food was great, and we enjoyed spending time with our friends. Saturday was our Prenatal Yoga workshop. We enjoyed that quite a lot. And I want to know....where's that bolster pillow and block been all my life?! (Holy cow that was SUPER comfy!!) We learned a couple stretching poses, but mostly the class was informative. There were only 4 of us there, one who had miscarried and was trying again and one who was learning to teach prenatal yoga. Richie and I were the only "expecting" parents there. The instructor is also a doula, and the more she spoke the more we wish we'd known about her before hiring Bobbi Sue. Hindsight.... We purchased a prenatal yoga DVD last night and tried it out....I have NEVER felt more out of shape or unprepared! The instructor kept talking about controlling your breath and breathing slowly....I couldn't breath slowly because I was too out of breath. I looked like a panting dog! It's probably a good thing I'm doing this at home instead of in a classroom. LOL I did get a new balancing ball, a bigger one, which I'm in love with! I love holding my torso straight and rocking with my legs...those are muscles I've not felt in a long time! I've wiggled around on it a bit and found some comfortable positions that I think might help me later.

After our doc appointment we learned that I'm continuing to maintain my weight, which means I'm actually losing weight! Yay!! The baby's HR is in the 150's. Our little pineapple is rolling over, squiggling around and trying to find a comfy spot. I get more movement during the day and there seems to be a more obvious schedual forming. And the 'awake after eating' has begun happening again! Richie loves watching my stomach morph and move. My doctor told me yesterday that, though some of my glucose numbers are high, he didn't want to raise my medicine--again. He said my A1C was 5.3 and that was fantastic, so there was no reason to worry about slightly higher numbers after dinner. (Woot!! I like this doctor!) I had a really high post dinner number and explained that I'd cheated and eaten pizza, which I hadn't had in over 2 months. He smiled really big and said, "You know, you're allowed pizza every once in a while. I'm not worried about it." Whew!

Scooter has been very attached to me lately. When we're in bed he does everything he can to cuddle against, into and around my belly. He was a stinker over the weekend though. For the first time EVER he raided our bathroom waste basket. There were some things in there that he ate that I can't believe he lived through. He's aware that things are changing...he's just not quite sure how yet.

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