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Friday, July 1st, 2011

The "Getting Here"

All I can say is "wow".

We had a car service come get us Tuesday morning at 6:30. Noah hardly slept the night before, which was a blessing in disguise. I slept on the couch and got less than 4 hours of sleep. We were up and at it by 5 a.m. and were ready to go before the car showed up! Traffic was a breeze and Noah only cried in the car for a little bit before our singing calmed him down.

Getting into and through the airport was easy. The Southwest line was long but they had just opened several ticket posts when we arrived so it moved fast. The ONLY problem we had, which we will be calling about, was that our bag was 5 pounds over weight. Richie turned to me and said, "Our bag is too heavy." I asked him what he thought we could take out and where were we to put it? While we were chatting a man, who was not the one helping us check in, took the bag off the scale. The woman who was suppose to be helping us had stepped away to assist someone else. I had to holler at her to get her attention and asked how much the overage would cost. By this point the same man was putting our luggage on the belt and off it went behind that big metal wall into oblivion. She said it would cost $50. I told Richie to pull the bag and let me go through it, as we had PLENTY of time before our fight was to leave. When we asked for the bag back she couldn't find it. I got very angry and said what she did wasn't right. I basically announced to everyone there that I would be calling to file a complaint about the incident. She made us pay the $50 for the overage because the bag wasn't there for us to go through and make right.

We got through security without a hitch, which was amazing. We'd been warned and cautioned about how difficult it would be so I took extra care in packing our carry-on stuff, especially the diaper bag. We found our gate, which was at the front; then we found a restaurant and ate, including Noah. Can I just say I hate udder covers. I prefer a blanket over the udder covers, and, truth be told, I prefer nothing.

As we walked through the airport wasting time we got lots of comments on how beautiful Noah's hair is and how pretty he is. Let me tell you, Richie is one proud papa. He carries Noah everywhere!

We boarded the plane and chose to sit in the very last row. Noah was so worn out and hungry that he ate while the rest of the plane boarded and taxied. He was asleep and suckling during take off and fussed not one time! He was awake on and off through the flight cooing and winning over one flight attendant in particular. He fussed a bit towards the end of the flight because he was tired, but just like at home, I was able to nurse him back to sleep. He woke up just in time to land, with no ear issues. As we stood in the aisle waiting to deplane this one particular flight attendant was talking to us, meaning me and Noah. Then I noticed at one point she leaned down and kissed his little hand. LOL I'm not usually a fan of anything like that, but it was as if she just couldn't keep her hands off him....like he was a magnet or something. It was amusing.

My dad picked us up in Tulsa. Noah was content for a while then started crying. He cried for about 20 minutes until we hit Sonic and could stop for grub. It was no wonder he was crying so much. He was in a footed sleeper with the warm sun beating down on him and sitting in a nearly blown out poopy diaper! We got him changed, fed, and cleaned up. Richie and I changed seats, and Noah was perfectly content the rest of the ride home.

We were greeted by a very excited 7 year old cousin, Corbin, and a more excited Nonna. Corbin jumped in the car while Nonna waited patiently on the porch. I will say that Noah was taken from us immediately, which was okay by us. Corbin was so sweet with Noah. The kids call him "baby Noah". Corbin would just stroke his head and smile at him. It was really sweet.

Corbin and I went to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. He'd never been there before. His response to the decor was just hysterical!! (I'll detail that in another blog, as this one is getting long.) We shared a shake while we waited on our food, stopped at Cold Stone for some dessert and headed home.

It was a long, easy, wonderful day. Noah went to sleep around midnight and we followed a bit later. The next morning I had to wake Noah up....I had to wake him up at noon! He'd slept 12 hours!!! I'm hoping being here with the time difference will help us when we get home. He's going to bed earlier here because he's so stimulated during the day.

Things are going great and we have a big party hosted by my bestie, Julie, tomorrow! I'm excited to see my friends.

Did I say he was a great baby? Sounds like he is an amazing baby! Looks like you are going to have a really special trip. Enjoy!
dannie   Friday, July 1, 2011
dannie he really is! He impresses everyone he meets. I am reminded daily of how blessed we are with such a wonderful baby boy. I make sure he knows it too!
Richie & Ashley   Friday, July 1, 2011
Hope you have a wonderful visit!
Angi   Friday, July 1, 2011
so happy for you!! we are travelling in one week...hope ours goes just as well!
holland koenigs   Friday, July 1, 2011
Glad things are going well.
girlcarew   Tuesday, July 5, 2011
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