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Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Noah at 7 Months

Our child is simply amazing. We have no need for a television at this point.

He is learning so fast, growing and exploring everyday. I can't help but look back on pictures from his birth and am so amazed at how far he's come in 7 short months.

I don't like confining him; so I spend a lot of time chasing him. He gets into the bookcase, curtains and Scooter's toy basket all the time.
He enjoys exploring new places.
He understands the word "no" and will, on occasion, stop what he's doing...like playing with the curtains.

He's started holding his own bottle, too.

He enjoys his daily exercise and has tried to instruct me on the in's and out's of Yoga.

Just this week he got his first bruise. (above his right eyebrow)
He was in his crib without the bumber and bumped his head on the rails. It wasn't too bad, thank goodness!

He and another boy in our playgroup had an interesting encounter this week. They tasted one another's thumbs; I think the jury is out on which thumb tasted better. They pulled each other's hair, poked one another in the eye, tried pinching and grabing. No one cried or got hurt....that was nice. It's fun to watch Noah explore other people.

This past month he's really made a lot of progress in the food dept. He's discovered biscuits and LOVES them! One night he had forth meal. No, it wasn't Taco Bell! He had his normal dinner at his normal time. We ate later, but because he was so active we put him in his bumpo seat on the table with us. He kept making his chewing motion so I gave him some peas, stuffing and biscuit. He only feeds himself Mum-Mum's and biscuits, but does love his 'chunk' food. He has had greenbeans, too, and loves them. He enjoys banana but still a no-go on the mashed potatoes. I have loved making his food for him! I love playing with the apples too! I made him spiced apples (cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger) which he loves, and I've made pineapple/apple puree. I gotta keep this kiddo 'regular' ya know.

He pulls up to his knees on anything he can.
He is really cute about letting go and wobbling there in place until he falls over or grabs something to keep his balance.
He's great about supported standing, but we have to stand him up.
Sitting alone is finally starting to happen...just today he sat up straight long enough on his own for me to take some pictures of him before he decided to chase Scooter as he walked by.

Today he dumped the Scooter's water dish out and sopped up most of it with the jammies he was wearing. Because of his curiosity we've had to install a safety gate leading into the kitchen.

We had to drop his matress all the way down because he's so tall and is pulling up now.
He's got the sweetest face ever!

He actually gigles at me now. He crawls all over, but what is so special is when he crawls to me, pulls himself up and smiles at me. He melts my heart. I'll pick him up, smother him with kisses, listen to giggles and then I turn into the human jungle gym.

And he has finally discovered how to jump in his exersaucer. That is a sight to see. I'm not sure how he's not got brain damage as hard as he throws himself around in that thing.

Life is good. It's flying by. I hold him longer, kiss him more and stare at him as much as I can.

I think God forgot a couple things when he made mommies....Handles so they will hold onto something other than our hair and another heart to hold all that extra love that just keeps multiplying with each day.

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Great blog-he is so handsome!
dannie   Saturday, November 12, 2011
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