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Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Newtown, CT

I have been thinking and praying on this since yesterday. The decision whether or not to blog on such a tragedy is a difficult one to make. Yet here I am, venting, expressing my own confusions and frustrations.

I'm outraged. Obviously such an event as this is outrageous, but that's not all I'm referring to. I'm outraged by the responses I'm reading in public and social media. I'm outraged by the profound ignorance that is sweeping the nation in the wake of this grievous act of violence.

I understand that good people and faithful Christians are meaning well by their deplorable comments and opinions, but that does not make them acceptable. To make a statement such as "This is what happens when you take God out of schools" is just false. To make a blanket, absolute statement such as this leads to worse rationales. For example, if God didn't protect those children and teachers because he was "removed" from schools then why is there molestation in churches? Does that mean that every gas station, shop or store owned by an Muslim, Athiest, or Agnostic is an unsafe place for christians because God isn't allowed there? Simple...No.

This is not a time for trying to drive home any points, opinions or views on God, or how he should be treated, where he should be allowed and what happens if you don't follow one particular religious view. This is a time for being supportive, not critical. This is a time for prayer, or sending good vibes...whatever your faith pushes you to do.

I cried. My spirit cried out to God. The thought of standing outside that fire house and seeing all the other parents reunited with their children while mine didnt' come running out is gut wrenching. My mind thinks of all the normal, everyday things that these parents aren't getting today....their child isnt' climing in bed with them to snuggle. There is one less bowl to be set at the table for creal. How many times are they going to accidentally call out their lost child's name when calling for the rest of the siblings? How many unwrapped Christmas gifts are going to be left under trees this year? What is it going to be like at church tomorrow with missing children in the Sunday school classes? How are the survivors going to feel safe? There are a million thoughts that have run through my mind since learing of this horrible thing.

But there is one that kept coming to mind; one thought that brought me comfort and allowed the tears to fade away. No matter what graphic way my human mind could create for this man to have died and suffered....no matter what malicious thing I could dream up to do for him....no matter the special type of hell I could create for him....I know in my heart that our God is not only far more creative than I, but he is also far more just. He seeks justice on such a higher level than any human. He serves perfect justice, the perfect sentence, the perfect punishment for each crime. I trust and have faith that God will rightly handle the judgement of this gunman. I trust that he is embracing these little children and brave adults.

It serves no purpose to spew hate or ill will towards this gunman. We should redirect and focus on these families who will forever be changed by what happened yesterday. For some this will strengthen their relationship with God. For others this will be the enemy's playground to steal souls. People are vulnerable and weak. They are grieving, mourning and confused about what happened. They are questioning God, they are questioning their faith.... That's where our focus should be; is, simply, that they find peace through this.

Because of my faith I believe that no one knows better what it is to have an innocent child murdered than God.

Although I have beliefs nearly polar opposites of yours, I agree with many things in this blog.
girlcarew   Saturday, December 15, 2012
The point is not necessarily my religious beliefs. It's that no matter where your beliefs lie there is no purpose in condemning a man who is dead. No purpose in wasting time coming up with equally evil ways you'd like to see him tortured. What's important is to be love and spread love....to support and mourn with these families, not to fan the flame of anger, hate, and confusion they may be face during this time.
Richie & Ashley   Sunday, December 16, 2012
As is the case in so many great human catastrophes the real reason for this event will be found to be human error at so many places within the events that made u p the entire sequence. I don't think any one will ever really understand all of the answers because some of the key individuals were killed or took their lives. There will be untold dollars made and many research hours and grants spent trying to solve the mystery of Newtown but it will end up being mostly conjecture.
BeanCounter37   Sunday, December 16, 2012
Bean, well said. :)
Richie & Ashley   Sunday, December 16, 2012
Thanks, I needed that.
BeanCounter37   Monday, December 17, 2012
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