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Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Noah's Explosion!

Noah is exploding developmentally!!

He is starting to say words we didn't know that he knew. He is 20 months old and is starting to use 3 word sentences once in a while.

If he knows that Richie is working from home but is in his office and you ask him, "where's daddy" he'll say, "He's hiding". He knows his eyes, nose, belly button, piggies, and penis. He knows the difference between his penis and what "potty" is. He is using his sign language more and has learned "candy" and will even ask for it!!! He can say "It's your eyes" and "Who was that?"

He will hide in the pantry. As he opens the door he'll say, "Bye. See you soon!" And when he comes out he annouces himself by saying "HI!!"

He asks for crackers and juice now, too! We are working on colors now too.

Oh and he sings more now! He hums along with his music a lot, with his shows on tv, and will start "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star". He can't sing the words, but knows the tune. As mom and dad we can tell what part of the song he's at by how his words sound. He tries to sing "up above the world" which i think only we can understand; let's not forget the "how I wonder" part that he struggles through. But it is the most wonderful sound I've ever heard!!!!

He plays hard with daddy and snuggles with me. He is learning new toys, how to be gentle with Scooter and is definitely developing his own opinions about what he should be allowed to do and when.

Things are getting good. He's changing so fast now. I can't even imagine where he'll be when our little Bingo baby comes.

This is such a great time for toddlers. 18 months - 3 years is my favorite developmental age. It's fascinating to watch them grow.
girlcarew   Sunday, December 30, 2012
Enjoy every minute - they grow up so fast. He's at a great age.
Carol   Tuesday, January 1, 2013
One of my favorite memories form a few months back was when we put Jasper to bed and I heard him singing Twinkle Twinkle to himself as he fell asleep. So sweet. Enjoy!
Spike   Friday, January 4, 2013
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