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Monday, January 14th, 2013

Bingo Baby Update

I cannot believe I'm already 21 weeks along! We had our anatomy scan. Our Bingo Baby is much different than Noah was. This one has a wicked left hook!!

BB was sitting upright facing out. The head was underneath my belly button...not meaning an inch below, meaning directly beneath it. My belly button was full of US goo so she could get a proper head measurement. The little rump and legs were such that gender was no question. No we did NOT find out the gender. What we did instead was have the US tech make note of it and seal it in an envelope.

Everything measured on target! Weight is about 13 oz and heart rate is 135. During some other measurements the baby decided 'it' was done and began punching at the US wand and shaking it's head. We all got a good laugh at how the baby was reacting. Eventually the baby flipped and moved to the back making it more difficult to get anything! We got no good profile pictures but we were able to watch our BB swallow and open and close that little mouth. I love watching the heart and seeing all those little parts flutter in time.

My sugars are all over the place, but when I adjust my dosage I crash hard. I have an appointment Wednesday and plan to discuss that, along with some other major things, with the doctor.

So far so good! Getting more excited. I'm hitting that nesting stage, which I never hit with Noah. I'm sure that by the time this little one comes poor Richie will be worn out b/c of all the craziness in my brain! Every night I think of what needs to change around the house, how to use what we have, how to sell, clean up and purge that which we don't need. It's all overwhelming really. So I've enlisted the help of a trusted, organized and savvy friend to help me organize my own thoughts, wants and wishes in order to get things done. God has placed some amazing people in my life. I'm grateful to have such wonderful friends I can count on!

Sounds good! Glad your baby is healthy and growing strong.
Spike   Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Sounds good!
girlcarew   Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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