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Thursday, January 17th, 2013

One Mad Doctor!

In all my travels around the medical world . . . in dealing with GPs, speicalists, chiros, and facilities I've never come across a doctor (or medical professional) who will speak out against another. There is some unspoken code that they have not to bad mouth one another. Now, I can respect that but only to a point. That point for me is when my care suffers or is less than appropriate . . . someone, somewhere should be standing up for my care, my health and my pocket book.

In the beginning Dr. Fara told us that the only reason we had so many (with each visit I had one) ultra sounds with PPA was because they were looking to make bank and line their pockets. Once I gave him the details of Noah's birth he immediately informed me of the bad judgment call on Dr. Butthead's part and what horrible medical emergency his bad call would have created. This was part of the reason I trusted him. He was the first doctor I had ever encountered that contradicted what another said, to the point of discrediting him.

I was referred out to the other high risk facility for a consultation back in October. I had a great visit with an educated, soft spoken doctor...remember me bragging on him? This is the same facility and doctor I'm about to refer to.

Last week during the anatomy scan I encountered some irritating questions that were irrelivent to my anatomy scan regarding my diabetes, and was informed by the tech that their doctor had made the decision about when my growth ultra sounds and fetal echo needed to be done. Now, usually I can let things slide . . . but when the gal called me the next day and got snooty with me about why I was not allowing her to schedule the fetal echo I explained, as politely as I could, that my doctor had not yet been informed or consulted about this. I know that I have to have one of those for the baby, that's not the issue at hand. The problem is they are not the ones handling my care, Dr. Fara is.

So during my appointment with Dr. Amazing on Wednesday I explained what had happened during my last 3 encounters with this facility, their employees and what I'm being told this doctor is directing me to do. With each story he became more irritated. His body language even indicated he was uneasy with all I was telling him. Based on his responses he sounded offended. I told him, "I know I need the echo, but it's not his call. He is not my doctor." He smiled and nodded. When I told him about the other doctor's demands on when to start the growth ultra sounds he actual raised his voice and said "No! That's not standard even for high risk." I kept telling him I didn't understand why they were trying to treat me when they are not my doctors. He agreed, and through some obvious irritation he said, "I'll make a phone call. I'll take care of all this. Don't you worry."

Surely I'm not the only patient they do this to. Am I the only patient who reports this treatment back to Dr. Fara? He seemed genuinely surprised, offended and upset. I've never had a doctor stand up for me, my needs, my health AND my pocket book the way Dr. Fara did during our meeting on Wednesday. This man never ceases to amaze me!

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Sounds like you have found a hero.
Dannie   Friday, January 18, 2013
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