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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

OMG! I'm Pregnant.

Okay, so this isn't news to anyone, but here's the sick, weird and twisted truth...sometimes I forget I'm pregnant.

There are moments when I'm caught up, wrapped up and so distracted by life (Noah, Richie and housecleaning) that I forget I'm pregnant. I'll be sitting, playing with Noah and stand up to experience horrible round ligament pain only to think to myself "OMG! I'm pregnant!"

I'll be sitting quitely on the couch emailing, surfing and pinning away with no movement or other pregnancy indicator and all of a sudden WHAM! I'm kicked and punched. I think to myself "OMG! I'm pregnant!"

I can't believe it is even possible to forget such a thing. Yet I find it happening more often than it should. I wonder at what point will these absurd moments stop. All I can do is laugh at myself.

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