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Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Very Bad Day

Just need to vent really about what a werid, off and kinda shitty day we had.

So the plan was to get to IKEA when they open to get the things we needed for the house reorganizing baby prep. Noah was showing signs of needed his nap a little early this morning so we put off borrowing our neighbors truck until around noonish.

As luck would have it, Noah was in bed for an hour and never fell asleep. I became more and more frustrated. After ranting to Richie and discussing Noah's napping 'offness' and trying to figure out what the best plan B was for the day we decided to bite the bullet, get dressed, get Noah up and pray that he'd nap in the car.

He did...20 minutes before we arrived at IKEA he passed out in the car. Ug. We went with it. I mean, what other options did we have, really? We had lunch, which he couldn't have been more disinterested in. Then we proceeded quickly through the store making note of aisles and bins. By the time we got to the self service to get our big items he was crying only being soothed by me singing to him. We got all checked out and got everything all loaded up. We found something in our cart that wasn't ours and we hadn't paid for. *sigh* Richie told me to start on home while he returned it to the store. That was 3:15pm.

I got 30 minutes away when my phone rang. It was Richie telling me that the truck wouldn't start. I turned around and drove 30 minutes back. He sat there for a whole hour that NOT ONE PERSON offered to help him. We tried to jump the truck to no avail. Must be a much bigger problem. After several phone calls and lots of friends not answering their phones we were desperate. U-Haul was going to charge $115 to rent a 10' box truck to drive our stuff home one-way. Um, no thank you. The owner's car insurance, AAA, refused to tow the vehicle because he wasn't with the truck. Our insurance would only cover the first 15 miles and then we'd be charged a per mile fee according to the tow company's policy. We live 43 miles from IKEA.

Finally, by God's grace John called Richie back and offered to bring his van and help us. We weren't expecting him to drive our stuff all the way to our house, but upon his arrival he offered! That was wonderful news, and as Richie was walking back to the store I turned my ignition key--nothing. NOTHING!? WFT DO YOU MEAN NOTHING? Yeah, my car wouldn't start. Now I'd been mindful of turning off the car, the lights and unplugging anything I thought might drain the battery. After pushing the car out of the parking spot and raising the hood Richie discovered that it was merely a loose connection. We got it all sorted out and headed home.

At 6:20 pm we arrived home. That's 3 hours later. Noah and I sat in that car for 3 hours waiting for resolution. There are no words to adequately describe how we all felt. Noah did surprisingly well though. Most his age would have probably been screaming by then, but not my little guy. We were super blessed by his patience and cooperation! His whole evening routine was thrown completely off.

Richie is currently on his way back to Tempe IKEA with Pops to get the truck towed home. What a mess. I expect he'll be home sometime around 10:30-11pm tonight. What a way to finish a weekend and ring in a new week. Nothing went as planned today...nothing went as we had planned today.

We survived and got lots of stuff we needed to get our house sorted out in prep for the new arrival. Now, let's hope we can get some of it actually assembled and in place before our party next weekend.

Tags:  IKEA, Life, Shopping
OMG... What a day! Glad Noah was a trooper!!
girlcarew   Monday, February 18, 2013
AND he was amazing today too!! You'd never have known yesterday was so off. We are incredibly blessed and we know it!!!
Richie & Ashley   Monday, February 18, 2013
We've had some of those days! I like the think that it's better to have all the bad stuff happen in one day so they pass more quickly. It is funny how it happens like that, though.

And it's always even more interesting when there's a little one around. Sounds like Noah is a pretty mellow little guy. We're lucky that Joseph is, too. Most of the time he just bee bops along happily during the crazy times.
sandd   Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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