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Just a Vent

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Just a Vent

I'm pissed. I'm frustrated. I'm confused. I'm irritated.... I could go on and on and on.

We live 1300 miles away from all family. We rely solely on the kindness of our friends and church family to help us out. We don't have date nights because we have no baby sitter. We don't have weekend get-a-ways for the same reason. We miss out on volunteer opportunities, church functions and meetings because we have no family support system.

During this pregnancy my mother has made comments to me and to Richie on several occasions regarding our friends and the birth of this baby. Richie and I have expressed concern to both sets of parents about having someone here to watch Noah in case I got into labor early. Neither set are willing to come early. Each set has their own reasons, from which I will spare you. *note: I know God's got this and we'll be covered, yet their lack of concern and interest in being part of the solution is bothersome*

However, let it be noted that my mother's comments to us both have been what I consider out of line. She has asked us "what about your church friends? Aren't they supposed to help you? Why won't they help you?" Well, mom, it's not their resposibility to pick up the slack because you are making the conscious choices you're making in regards to the birth of this child. You are choosing not to be here.

We have both attempted to explain that our friends are either in their 50-60s or have small children of their own that they can't pick up and walk away from to tend to Noah.

Now, we have a major project we are working on in our backyard...just like everyone else. We've asked for help, offered to pay and feed anyone who is willing to help. No one, because it's spring and people are busy, can help us out. Again, she makes snide comments about friends who are only friends until you need something. Upon explaining to her the situation we are in, and what is going on with most of our friends, she gets her feathers ruffled by being corrected.

Her standard response is as follows: "I don't have the energy for this. Sorry I bothered you. I'm going to bed." Followed by logging off immediately disallowing me to comment or reply to her.

She has become rude about my friends, who she doesn't know. She's gotten passive agressive and rude with me. She essentially hangs up on me (the online version of course). And I'm left pissed off and mad b/c she's deliberately getting in the last word to be nasty and prove that she's the mom.

I have no clue how to stop this behavior. I dont' know what I'm supposed to change to keep her from treating me this way. She is just being ugly, and I don't know why.

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