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Monday, June 15th, 2009

Our Visitors (very long)

Saturday evening I picked up my best friend at the airport. She brough along a travel companion, a friend of hers, Christy. I had never met Christy before. We got back to the house and had a relaxing evening. Because of the 2 hour time difference, and the fact that Richie had to fly to Albuquerque Sunday night, I did not plan anything for us to do that day. We hung around the house for the most part. We stopped by Jimmy Buffett's place an a couple other stores not far from the house. After we dropped Richie off at the airport we ate downtown at our favorite little Mexican food place. I showed them a bit of the city and we headed home for another relaxing night.

Monday, after waiting all day on the Qwest and Roomstore guys, we finally got out of the house for a little outlet shopping in Anthem. We ate there and came home. I got some super cute stuff for the kiddos there and the most amazing little caterpiller cakelet pan!!!

Tuesday we were suppose to hit the Heard Museum and the Botanical Garden in the morning before the desert heat hit. That is not how it turned out. Because we did not get up and moving in time we had to adjust our day. So we went to the Botanical Garden and the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. Julie is not much of a shopper when it comes to clothes and such. We are both more decor/home oriented and like shopping for kitchen stuff and food. Chirsty pretty much determined where we went at the Mall. She spent most of the day sending texts to various different people. Julie spent some time chatting and sorting out issues with her husband, you know typical home/kid stuff. While at the mall we stopped by PB Loco Cafe for some yummy gourmet peanut butter. Once we were finished we got home and relaxed.

Wednesday was a weird day. We had our massages, which Julie paid for as a birthday gift to me (Thanks JuJu!), we picked Richie up from the airport, and had some pedicures done. We grilled out some hamburgers for dinner.

Let me interrupt for a moment. Each night we would discuss the original plan for the following day. We would each discuss what we thought about the plan, what time we wanted to get up, and if we needed to make any changes. Each morning came and as we were ready to leave the statement "Christy, we're waiting on you." was always stated at least once.

Thursday was suppose to be Scrubs in the morning when the mall opened, then off to IKEA b/c Julie is a fanatic like me! We all agreed to be up and out of the house about 9-9:30. As most of you know, IKEA can be overwhelming and often requires a full day. That is what we planned for. Yeah, not happening...I was up at 8am and went to check on the others. JuJu was awake and I stirred Christy. I did dishes, cleaned the kitchen and went back to their room again. I was blown off. Julie had fallen back asleep, and Christy appeared to be ignoring me. After about 2 hours of being ignored (which is now 10am) I went back to bed and dozed for about an hour or so. I listened to one shower start and finish...then the second shower started, which is when I got up. I started fixing the Chicken and Rice for lunch. I talked with Julie a little about how odd Christy had been acting how I was becoming a little irritated with her. I was standing at the stove finishing up lunch when Christy came into the kitchen and began making a PB sandwich with my new, gourmet PB. Julie asked her what she was doing....she said, "I'm hungry." Julie responded, "Um, Christy, she's making lunch right now, right there." Evidently Christy thought I was making that for dinner, which wouldn't have been for about another 7 hours. Whatever. She ate her sandwich and ate some chicken and rice. At about 2pm we all headed off to IKEA. In the car Richie asked if we were still going to the Scrubs store. I said no, because again it was Christy we had all been waiting on all morning. So we asked if she wanted to buy anything there, she said no, I said we weren't going then. We hit IKEA and started off on the first floor in the kitchen stuff. Julie and I loved it. I wish I could take her with me to IKEA every time!!! Christy wandered off several times during our visit there. We ate and headed back home. It was finally starting to occur to her that she'd been annoying the rest of us. But she never changed her behavior. That evening, after Christy went to the bedroom to read, Julie explained that her doc appointment from the prior week didn't turn out so well. She is 6 mos pregnant, forgot to mention that. Anyhow, the doctor said that her cervix is already starting to thin out and the placenta is partially blocking the birthcanal. I got angry with her for not having told me sooner...surely all that walking can't have been good for her...which is the exact reason she hadn't mentioned it before. So I explained that we'd keep Friday off our feet and relax.

Friday morning we slept till we woke up....no set time. I got up and started baking. The notion hit and there was no stopping me. Christy came out all ready to go. I told her that we weren't planning anything for that day b/c of Julie. She said she still wanted to go back to Buffett's place and get some t-shirts. Arg.... So I got dressed and we went. I parked near the restaurant b/c of Julie. Once she was done shopping there she said, "Okay now I need to goto the sport store way down there for another gift." WHAT? I was just pissed at this point. So we go, and for 20 mins Julie and I stand there twiddling our thumbs while she shops. She mentioned that Julie got her whole shopping day at IKEA so she deserved to look around in the sport store. Without missing a beat I told her that Julie DID NOT get a whole IKEA shopping day because she wouldn't get her lazy butt out of bed, so there. She got the hint, all of a sudden, and didn't mention it again. During dinner Julie mentioned some on and off contractions she's been experiencing that day. I was worried and looked up at Christy. She mouthed to me, "She's faking it. She's fine." Then she sort of waved me off. That night, after Christy went to read, Richie brought it up. It angered Julie...quite a lot actually.

Saturday morning at 5:45am we dropped them off at the airport. Julie will be coming back in Dec.... Not sure what our plans will be, cruise, Hawaii, or just to hang out here, but we will be doing something again in December. Woot! It was a bittersweet experience. I think it is safe to say Julie feels the same way.

Richie and I have discussed it at great length. The best way I can explain how Christy irritated us was that she got too comfortable. The polite consideration that you show a host was out the window. She did leave a thank you note on the night stand, but that was about the extent of traditional courtesy for staying at a strangers home. She acted, talked, and treated me as though we'd already known each other for a while. She behaved as though she were a closer friend to Julie than I was. She seemed to have an unearned sense of entitlement to what we did while they were here. (Julie paid for her plane ticket; she was out only spending money.) She was very bold in calling the shots, at times was very demanding, sometimes was thoughless about others' needs and desires, and misinterpreted southern hospitality for loyalty. I caught her closet eating and Julie caught her in lies. We're not entirely sure what was going on with her.

It wans't all bad. It was just very strange towards the end of the week. I could go on and tell more...but I'm sure, if you've made it this far, you're tired of reading.

That's very disappointing. I'm sorry your friend's friend was a lousy guest. Some people just don't know how to act in someone else's home. Hopefully, December will bring a much more pleasant time.
Ames   Monday, June 15, 2009
Sorry it wasn't all you wanted it to be. Focus on all the fun in December and don't let Christy bum you out. She doesn't deserve more time than she was given as your guest who abused the privilege and a lackluster friend to your friend, Julie.
LGrant   Monday, June 15, 2009
I doubt she will have very many friends for long!
ChinaCalling   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Did you know that Christy was even coming?

Sorry, she crushed so much fun, especially IKEA fun. There should be a law against that.
Ericka P & Co. ♥   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
I knew she was coming. I knew her name and age. That was all I knew. Julie felt really bad and apologized several times about having brought her. But you can never know how someone will be 24/7 unless you've known them for years, or if you live with them.
Richie & Ashley   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
I had a similar incident with a very old and dear friend many years back in MN. She came with a guy who was from MN and wanted to show her MN and have her meet his family. My understanding was they would be there for a week or more and she could come and stay overnight and a couple of days with me during the visit. I was all excited about her visit and did a lot to get the house in good order and made plans for us. When they came, we went out to eat and socialize a bit. Some odd things kept coming up in the conversation that made me think I'd misunderstood her staying with me. Finally when it was time for him to go, she went too. To say I was hurt and angry doesn't begin to explain my mood. I couldn't figure out what had happened that changed the plans. Come to find out later that he was a very possessive guy and was jealous of her time with me and wouldn't allow her to stay. She is a very sweet person and I guess felt awkward fighting about it and demanding he allow her to stay when he footed the bill for the trip and it was his family, etc. Luckily she got rid of the guy later. LOL I know she felt bad about hurting me and even more about missing our time together during the visit. It's sad when someone does that to you and your friend and makes the visit awkward. I'm sure my friend hadn't seen that side of the guy until he acted like that when they came to MN. Live and learn!
LGrant   Tuesday, June 16, 2009
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