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Gigi's First Dance Recital

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Gigi's First Dance Recital

Several Saturdays ago we were invited to Dylan's first dance recital. I was excited/curious/.nervous for Dylan.
Dennis and I were blessed with three boys sooo.... you know where I spent my time.
Dennis wanted boys, I wanted children. He has offered tennis lessons to Denny and Niki. He went to the dance recital for Dylan.
I had always been curious about what went on as I rode by the Roland R, Morgan Auditorium in Mooresville on Saturday when there were many cars there for many hours... at the dance recitals.
I could not imagine what went on that was so fascinating that a four year old would want to stay....
What I learned:
Dylan performed very well.In spite of the fact that Denny had told us she had done her dance all morning at home, he said don't
be surprised if she just twirls her hair. I was hoping he videoed the home performance just in case....
Her dance teachers did such a great job: it reminded me of when I used to do "dances" on the fireplace hearth for my family in my cousins hand me down costumes.... I didn't take dance;;; just pure raw talent...Also, they made good use of the costumes.. more than one dance,one costume , another thing I observed, they were very low keyed and compassionate about stage fright, mistakes, falls,etc.
I enjoyed it very much, I will be there whenever,, wherever. /dance or tennis,,,

Sounds like you enjoyed it and finally got that raw energy part of yourself out by watching Dylan have her day. Good blog, Sis!
LGrant   Thursday, June 16, 2011
Dylan was really glad you could come. You may even end up watching her do karate one day. Who knows?
niki   Thursday, June 16, 2011
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