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Kitty Dreams

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Kitty Dreams
Yes, this may be the lamest 12 seconds of video footage ever shot. Blame Dave - he got all the multimedia talent in the family.

I'm really glad we bought a video camera. REALLY. GLAD.
EyePulp   Thursday, April 23, 2009
Brilliant! Better than anything Dave has produced to date!
Denny Deaton   Thursday, April 23, 2009
That is the moment when, in the dream, the cat can finally has chezbgr.

Brilliant video. Was that shot in high-def? Who was the director of photography? Who's your agent?

Next step - Bollywood.
Dave Heinzel   Thursday, April 23, 2009
I love it when they do that.
LimeyGeorge   Thursday, April 23, 2009
I used to think that was some kind of seizure until I watched the cats more. That and the chatter they do at the window when something gets them excited. Having indoor cats makes for fascinating learning about their amazing abilities and quirky behavior. :)
LGrant   Thursday, April 23, 2009
I like the video, sally! even though no one else does ;)
JimTheLimey   Thursday, April 23, 2009
I blinked and missed it, but I have a feeling it was awesome.
Ames   Friday, April 24, 2009
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