Contact Information
Selena Helms
Raleigh, NC 27601

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Pet Peeves
whistling, loud chewing, littering, people who don't wait for you to get off the elevator before trying to get on.

About Selena
i born in kansas, grew up in california and currently live in raleigh, north carolina with my boyfriend and his annoying dog. i am a speech-pathologist in a hospital setting. i love my job (for the most part.) i am trying to follow through on some resolutions for 2009, which include: spending more time at the gym and staying in better contact with friends.


Favorite Music
i love all sorts of music. currently, i have faded paper figures in heavy rotation. i always come back to the shins, death cab for cutie, the pixies, neko case, the new pornographers, cat power, mazzy star.

Favorite Movies
i can watch breakfast at tiffany's over and over and over.

running, cooking, food, wine, learning spanish, competing with stephen on wii (he always wins), reading,