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Family Tattoo

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Family Tattoo

I finally have a story worth blogging about....Our family tattoo. Why a family tattoo you might be thinking? Well, here's the story...

My Grandpa passed away last year, the day after Easter. It has been a very difficult year for all of us. We have spent many days watching old videos, sharing stories, crying and laughing. It would be too hard for me to put into words about what my Grandpa meant to all of us. What I can say is that he was truely one-of-a kind! If any of you had the opportunity to have met him, you know exactly what I mean.

One day last fall we were on my Aunt Cathy's porch talking about our Dad/Grandpa. I really do not have any idea of how the tattoo conversation started, but it did. At first we thought about getting tattoos that represented all of the things my Granpa loved in life (all things that made us think of him instantly). Funny as some of them may sound, they were...a cardinal, a deer, a shamrock, a dime, a Pepsi, and a dilly bar. We were all laughing, thinking about whichever one of us would get the dilly bar because it would look like s#@* on a stick. Anyhow, we changed our mind and decided we would all get the same tattoo...a dime. We talked to Kevin (our tattoo artist) about our idea. He said that with as small as we were wanting these tattoos to be, you would not be able to see any detail in the dime. He suggested a more simple design. That is when we came up with the Celtic Shamrock.

To us this Celtic Shamrock tattoo represnted two things. First, it represented our Dad/Grandpa's Irish heritage and all of the memories of him singing Irish music to us. St. Patrick's Day was always a fun time for our family. Secondly, the celtic knot represented the unity of our family. It really ened up being the prefect tattoo.

We had the tattoos done this past weekend, which was Easter weekend. It was also the last weekend that we were able to spend with our Dad/Grandpa last year. The day at the tattoo shop was one I will never forget (for many reasons other than the pain). I was very special to me and to my family to have done this. I truely have the best family in the world.

The only thing left to say is... "We Love you like a brother"

Great story. My younger brother and I are planning on getting some sort of "brother" tattoo. I'm very excited to add to my collections.
fritz   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Great story, made me think Of our Dad/Granpa-he had many favorite things but I think our tatoo would have to be a John Deere.
dannie   Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Hey Jen, This site is awesome. Even though I knew the Tatoo story, it is great to read about it and brought a tear to my eye thinking about your Grandpa, my Uncle Joe. Yes, he is missed! But no doubt he is signing his Irish sons and telling really off color jokes in heaven! Love ya - like a brother - , Cathy Bajkowski
Cathy Bajkowski   Tuesday, December 16, 2008
It would be a wise decision to plan the location of the Dilly Bar tattoo before it’s permanently applied… The Location could imply so many things…. hmmm
JMD   Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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