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Thursday, July 9th, 2009

How one comment can change your day

I walked the short distance into town recently to visit the library and got caught in a real downpour - you know the sort where you can see stair-rods of rain coming down, not just the odd drop? There was something very liberating about the speed at which the pavements cleared as people dived into the shops and offices, leaving the hardy ones out in the cool privacy of the empty streets.

I ran my errands and then walked back home through the children's playground in our park. Coming towards me was a mum with her son, about 3 or 4 years old, wearing bright red wellies and the hood up on his coat, clearing having a whale of a time jumping in the puddles. I couldn't help but grin at them as I went past, partly because his delight was infectious, but also because he reminded me so much of our son Mike when he was that age.


As he and his mum passed by I heard him say "Look Mum! The smiley lady has got her hood up too!". I don't think I've ever been called anything nicer and his little voice has stayed with me for weeks now.

What a great nickname!
girlcarew   Thursday, July 9, 2009
I can think of no compliment greater than being called the "Smiley Lady" by a child. Enjoy life and keep smiling.
Deb Helms   Thursday, July 9, 2009
What a sweet story. You're a great writer!
!   Thursday, July 9, 2009
That's adorable. The smiley lady! =]
brenna   Thursday, July 9, 2009
How wonderful! Kids are incredible.
LimeyGeorge   Thursday, July 9, 2009
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