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Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Life:thus far PART DEUX

SO..... continuation from yesterday...

The third thing i learned was to open up and give something new a shot. i have two example... one that didn't pay off and one that is continuing to.
So at my orientation last summer they paraded us around all these tables of clubs and activities to try for the following year. One of the girls who was in my group had a boyfriends who happened to be the VP of fraternity, so of course she was trying to recruit people. I stopped by the table to be polite, becuase that was always one thing i was never going to do. Ten sort minutes later i was on the emailing list and had the VP and Presidents cell numbers! They were really nice guys and seemed to be into some of things i was into (soccer,gaming etc). Come fall i rushed TKE. It ended up not being all it was cracked up to be. Basically we ended up paying an enormous amount of money to hang out and host parties. Which as you know from the previous blog... i am not into. So i dropped, and all the guys are still civil to me, but there was a very award tension every time we would pass and you would not believe h small a college campus is when your trying to avoid someone, you see them everywhere! SO i tried the frat life and spent quite a bit of money learning that lesson.
Next was my drawing 101 class. It was required, so technically didnt 'give it a shot' by choice. I HATED that class. I have never been great at drawing, decent but not great. It was frustrating because for th first half of the semester it was all very technical. My Prof would put a folding chair in the middle of the room and we hd 4 min to draw it exact. Needless to say, not my cup of tea. However, towards the fourth quarter things began to become more open ended,loose, and free. This is when and where i found my niche. I LOVED it. I learned so much about myself through art. I became a lot more confident in my abilities. It became my all time favorite class, the class i looked forward to going to the most (and for awhile it was the only class i was going to). I would even spend most of my nights in the studio, drawing or painting for fun) I owe everything to that Prof.(adam grossi) he completely changed my life. challenged me to work harder and get better. He truely inspired me. and thats not something that i can say has ever happened to me before. So i finished at the top of the class, and am now following in his footsteps and becoming a studio arts major. So lesson here... keep a open mind to everyone and everything. What was once a chore may soon become a joy.

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Shows what college is all about. Finding out what doesn't work and being surprised at what does. Great blogs!
LGrant   Thursday, June 4, 2009
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