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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


I recently had a very long discussion with a close friend about how F****d the american way of living really is. For example ON AVERAGE how many advertisements do you see/hear a day? Try counting it, you would be amazed. It seems like thats all we have have been reduced to. CONSUMERS. It bugs the shit out of me (ever notice while watching television that the commercials are louder than the program? wonder why that is) I understand that advertising is how basically everything we enjoy is funded, but it feels to me that recently advertising has gone way overboard.(maybe im wrong, maybe I'm just beginning to notice it). It feels like everything we do now, with tv, ads, video games,etc that all it is is a distraction from what's really going on or from what is really important. Can you really justify your closet FULL of clothes that you MAYBE wear once a year? Can you justify paying 12.50 for a movie once a month? I'm not criticizing, because i know I'm guilty of these things as well. I would like to change that however. I really wish that our rapid technology boom would stop and take a breath and look at all of the effects it has on us as a whole. I know this blog is kind of random and rambling, but it's a lot going on in my head at once and it is hard to get it out while still making sense.
Anyways, my resolutions include
-getting rid of all of my games/game systems
-giving goodwill the 3/4 of my closet that i never wear
-keeping my tv watching to a minimum ( the office and snl every week..maybe a hockey game every now and again)
-no more eating out (or after 8pm)/working out on a REGULAR basis

overall i want to improve myself and have less distractions from reality in my life. Games/tv/ads/bullshit does not matter.... school/family/friends is what 2010 needs to be about for me.

Wow, I guess being 20 is all about growing up and getting serious about life! Good for you, Connor!! I hope you're able to carry out all your resolutions.
!   Tuesday, January 5, 2010
What a Great Quadruple Resolution! I'm guilty of all of those, especially the abundance of clothes that I forget I even have until I move.
JMD   Tuesday, January 5, 2010
sounds like a plan.
yes advertising on the whole has become insane.
you can somewhat thank DVR & satelite radio for the influx of "new" advertising tactics like in show product placement, etc. & good old facebook for almost becoming more of a company advertising platform than a "networking" site. the best part is design and advertising is most of my life!
good luck on your resolutions.
i am with you on the closet thing, it is nice to step back from our lives and really think about those in need and how much excess we have.

now i am rambling.

but here is an idea & i have thought i should do it too - to not buy myself anything, for a year. Like clothes or shoes. It would be a big commitment, but I am thinking about doing it.....
Moore Crazies   Tuesday, January 5, 2010
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