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Monday, June 8th, 2009

Life: thus far - the 3rd installment

So, at some point in my second semester, i stopped going to my English 2 class. I was having a hard time with personal issues, and that was just one more thing that i did not want to deal with. I figured,,, "well i will just take it over the summer at Lincoln land, no biggie. it will probably be easier anyway" WRONG.
Taking it OVER this summer-
A. it costed me $350 with books.
B. ALL of the classes at the Springfield campus are full, So whereas in Chicago my class was maybe a four min. walk from my dorms, Now i get the pleasure of driving 45 min to Litchfield 2 days a week.
C. I work 8-5 and class is from 6-9 soooo i also get to enjoy a 12 hour day and the afternoon traffic, and the stress of trying to make it on time.... Did i mention i might be missing the Dave Matthews Band concert, and my family vacation to Florida due to class.
So in retrospect.... after adding up all of the Cons, i think i could've "hung in there" and things would've been easier for me (not much, but easier)

One of life's lessons.
dannie   Monday, June 8, 2009
Dannie is right about that. At least you realize it and don't make excuses. That's the way to tackle it and learn!
LGrant   Monday, June 8, 2009
Obama seemed to get so many peoples' interest simply because of who he is rather than what he stood/stands for. History has shown that can be a dangerous basis upon which to support someone as it somewhat blinds people to what they do. However, in this case, I think and hope that Obama is at least a good man and will try to do the best for the nation as a whole.
LimeyGeorge   Monday, June 15, 2009
I agree. I think that he has the determination, and ability to get our country back on track, or at least "set the wheels in motion" and achieve some forward progress...

and i dont know whats wrong with my blog.... it was being goofy and not showing the entire thing so i deleted it...
cOnnOrSuLLivan   Monday, June 15, 2009
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