About Humzoo

Humzoo aims to fill what we think is a dramatic void on the Internet today: a free service that lets people create personal web sites that are easy to browse, easy to use and easy on the eyes. Yes, there are several places already that have similar goals. No, we don't plan on overtaking the popular ones. We're trying to make an awesome product for you to use, and anything else that happens is gravy.

What do we offer?
Blogs, photos and videos. You may publish new blogs whenever the mood hits - there is no limit to how many blogs you can publish or how long they can be. You can also upload photos, which live inside any number of photo albums. Your blogs can even contain photos, and your photos can all have captions. A brand-new feature on Humzoo is the ability to share high-quality videos. Share your events with friends and family in minutes by uploading a video to your Humzoo account. In addition, every blog, photo and video can be "tagged" with keywords of your choice. Tags will help create a sortable record of the content on your site and can be browsed by all visitors.

In addition to hosting blogs, photos and videos we hold photo and video contests which center around a varying range of topics. To find out more about our contests visit our contest section.

Why are we different?
We don't feel that any other service will let you publish content online and share it with friends and family in a more simple and easy to use method than our site. We have tried to give focus to your content in every way possible, to make it easy for people visiting your site to see what's new. We could load your site up with features that look cool and sound great on our marketing material, but we have started with the bare necessities.

The members of Humzoo (they call themselves Humzooers) are a close-knit community. The community is made of up of a diverse group of people with different views and perspectives on current events. Each member of the community adds a unique personality to the collective group making it what it is today.

What's in store for the future?
We are keeping an open mind about the direction of this site. We will always be looking for ways to improve existing features and will discuss new ideas using the Humzoo Blog, where you can provide feedback and suggestions. The people who use this site the most will ultimately determine the direction of Humzoo.

How much does it cost?
Humzoo was built on the belief that we can offer our core services to all users free of charge. In addition to free accounts, we offer a paid option that we refer to as a Humdinger account. Humdingers enjoy all the features of a free account, plus some added benefits such as: a multi-photo loader, unlimited storage space, ad-free sites, larger photos, custom headers, domain mapping, custom RSS feeds and more. A Humdinger account costs $25 annually, and free accounts can upgrade at any time.

Where do I sign up
Visit our sign up page to create your Humzoo account today. Even if you don't plan on publishing blogs or uploading photos and videos, having an account will give you some options not available to the general public, such as having a custom image (an "avatar") associated with your comments, skipping the test that asks you to retype letters from an image when making a comment (a "captcha" test) and the ability to edit and delete your comments from anywhere on the site.

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