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Eight months old

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Eight months old

Dear Wyatt,

You turned eight months old on Thursday. This month you have have really become a mover and a shaker. You have perfected your army crawling abilities and have definitely made improvements in your speed. You are able to squirm your way across a room in no time these days. You're beginning to get your knees under you a little more, but your chosen method of transportation is still mostly the army crawl. It seems like you are in constant motion when you're awake. You like to get into everything, you are definitely helping us out when discovering which things need to be baby-proofed. As I type this, you have discovered a Target shopping bag and emptied its contents and now you are busy pulling your playmat into a new location. You're doing well with sitting up and are now attempting to pull yourself up. You love it when someone helps you stand up, you get a look on your face like you're so proud of yourself.

When you were just one day over 7 months old, your newest friend Charlie was born. We went to meet him when he was still in the hospital and you guys have hung out a few times, although I think that you'll probably enjoy each other's company when you guys are just a bit older. Right now I'm sure that Charlie just thinks of you as that kid that sometimes tries to touch him, but has great hand-me-downs :). We are very lucky to have such good friends with little ones and we can't wait to watch all of you grow up together.

We enjoyed a visit from your great aunt 'Nita towards the end of May. She drove all the way to Richmond and then made the trip to Grundy with us while your Daddy enjoyed a weekend with friends in NYC. We got to visit with your Mama Toni and Papa Bill and our Meme. You enjoyed the opportunity to show off all of the new skills you have learned since everyone saw your last. I only managed to get pictures of you with Meme - you all enjoyed catching up with one another.

You continue to be a great eater. You eat and seem to enjoy everything that is put in front of you. You are working on mastering your skills with finger foods. You love to feed yourself Cheerios and Puffs, although you tend to squish them into a mushy mess in your little fists (we're still working on your pincer skills). You still don't have any teeth, so we haven't really tried any other finger foods just yet.

You're continuing to do well with day care. You are working your way to being one of the older kids in your class and you seem to stay busy showing the other kids how to maneuver the classroom. You must stay so busy during the day that you have to catch a little snooze on the ride home.

We're all getting excited about our upcoming family vacations to Edisto and Nags Head. You were so excited this weekend you just had to try out your little baby pool to work towards getting yourself in the right frame of mind for the upcoming trip.

You seemed to really enjoy yourself and we are looking forward to lots of playing in the water with you very soon!

We continue to love to watch how your little personality is developing. You tend to be happy and easy going most of the time. You love to chatter, laugh, bang on stuff, eat, sleep, chew on stuff, spit up, crawl, try to play with dirty or dangerous stuff, and lots of other things that keep us on our toes. Even though some days I feel like I've been wallered (if that's a word) to death from wrestling a busy, slobbery baby, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

I think that we're going to have to work on a new backdrop and/or method for getting your monthly picture. You are just too busy to slow down for us - we just try to keep up!

I love you!

I loved the pictures of Wyatt in the pool! Just a couple of weeks until Edisto and we can all hang out several days together. It will be fun!
I love you guys,
Mama Toni   Sunday, June 12, 2011
Heya Wyatt,

You are getting to be such a big boy, you had changed so much in the time since we saw you last. In such a good way too! Looking forward to spending a week with you and your Mom and Dad in a couple weeks at Edisto.
Pappa Bill   Sunday, June 12, 2011
I love the pictures! Wyatt is adorable...I especially love the one where he is trying to escape off the chair!
Shannon   Sunday, June 12, 2011
And then we're looking forward to spending a week with you in Kitty Hawk, Wyatt!! (You're going to be a busy little boy!) Just wait till you and all your cousins get together!!! You're going to have a ball. And we're going to have a ball squeezing you and kissing you and loving you!!!! That's what grandmas and great aunts do!! Love you, sweet little Wyatt, and can't wait to see you soon!!!!
!   Sunday, June 12, 2011
Beautiful pics....Wyatt's looks are really changing. He is looking so grown up!
Sorry we won't get to see you guys in Edisto, but have a great vacation!
Stevie and Pam   Monday, June 13, 2011
Gosh, Ali, I can't believe that little guy is 8 months old already! TIme passes so quickly! I can't wait to see you at Kitty Hawk, either, Wyatt! There will be so much baby kissing going on there won't be time for anything else!
pegi   Monday, June 13, 2011
Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, you just get cuter and cuter and your personality shows in your face! Can't wait to hang out with you at the beach and share some umbrella time. I read Meme this month's entry and she said to tell you that you're her "great, big beautiful doll." Love you!
'Nita   Monday, June 13, 2011
What a cute (handsome?) little man! Sorry we missed seeing you in Grundy; thanks for sharing these pictures.
Jeff and Cindy   Monday, June 13, 2011
It was great seeing the three of you on Sunday! I can't believe how big Wyatt is! It seems like just the other day that Stephanie and I were putting together monkey cupcakes for your baby shower!! I love you blog, thanks for sharing.
Stephanie T.   Monday, June 13, 2011
A chubarific cutie!!
girlcarew   Monday, June 13, 2011
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