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Eleven Months Old

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Eleven Months Old

Dear Wyatt,

You turned eleven months old yesterday! This has been a very interesting month around here, with a 5.9 earthquake, a hurricane resulting in no power for 3 days, and a doozy of an ear infection requiring 2 rounds of antibiotics and lots of snuggling.

We got to enjoy a weekend trip to Grundy this month too. You got lots of attention from your Papa Bill, Mama Toni, Meme, and your aunt 'Nita.
You enjoyed some relaxation:

You enjoyed some trips out to your Meme's house:

You had a great time playing with new things and getting loved on by your Meme and aunt 'Nita.

You also got to enjoy your first taste of your Meme's cornbread!

You continue to be a busy boy, although being sick really took the wind out of your sails for a few days. During that time, you didn't really want to do much except be held, but you seem to have gotten back to being our little boy on the move. You're still cruising along holding onto furniture. We haven't seen you try to stand without holding onto something yet, but we figure that will be in our not too distant future. We did get you some shoes per your day care lady's recommendation so you could get used to them for when you are walking. You thought it was funny when I was trying the shoes on you in the store and you don't seem to mind wearing them, although they're going to take some getting used to.

You're mostly crawling like a big boy now, but still occasionally throw in an army crawl for good measure. You love to crawl all around to see what you might be able to get into. Your daddy recently bought you a toy football to honor the start of the season and you love playing with it. You like to throw the ball down and then have your dad yell "touchdown".

I especially love it when you play with an old cell phone. You pick the phone up and hold it to your ear and say something that sounds like "hello". You even picked up your Meme's real phone and did the same thing when we were in Grundy, although we don't even have a real phone at home, so I'm not sure how you recognized what it was. I'm thinking that it's probably because you're a genius or something. :)

You really don't like to eat much baby food or be fed anymore. You would much rather have finger foods that you can feed yourself. You are working on tooth number 2 now too. You are getting to be such a big boy now! We can't believe that you're almost a year old already!

I love you so much, my sweet, sneaky, busy baby boy!

I'm glad to see that Pancho got in one of the pictures! We don't hear much about him anymore! Wyatt's a dollbaby and I always love to read about his adventures! He's right behind his cousin Alex who just turned one today! Won't be long, Wyatt! Thank you so much for these blogs, Ali. Much, much love to Wyatt and his mommy and daddy and Pancho too!
!   Saturday, September 10, 2011
He's really getting more independent! The look on Poncho's face proves he concerned about Wyatt's improving ability to roam! Poor Poncho, he has a lot more to worry about. Wyatt looks cute in his new shoes, but I particularly liked the picture of him standing on tiptoes. I love you guys and hope to see you soon to celebrate Year One!
Mama Toni   Saturday, September 10, 2011
Wyatt, Your mommy needs to be teaching you more than Touchdown. You need to learn to say Go Hokies!!
Stephanie   Sunday, September 11, 2011
How adorable he is! So glad to see him in Grundy a few weeks ago and loved getting to love on him. He is definitely developing his own little personality now. Can't wait to see him again soon to celebrate his first birthday!
'Nita   Sunday, September 11, 2011
Beautiful pics. Can't believe how much Wyatt has grown. Hope we get the chance to see you all soon.
Stevie and Pam   Sunday, September 11, 2011
He's just precious, Ali and Mark. I love that reach to the tiptop of his range!
Love to you all!
pegi   Sunday, September 11, 2011
Handsome, athletic, AND smart! We can't believe how much he's grown...
Jeff and Cindy   Monday, September 12, 2011
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