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It's Me...Miller

Friday, May 11th, 2012

It's Me...Miller

Hi there, my name is Miller, and welcome to my first (and long overdue) baby blog! Hard to believe that I'm nearly five months old and Mommy is just getting around to helping me write this, but we've been pretty busy ever since I was born. I can't begin to recap all the excitement since I was born, cause my memory just isn't quite developed enough to remember it all yet, so I'll just stick with all the exciting things I've been doing lately.

I started rolling from my back to my stomach just last week, and now I just can't get enough of it. Every time someone lays me down I just flip right over. The only problem is, I really don't enjoy being on my tummy, which seems to just keep happening every time I roll over! You'd think I would like being on my tummy, cause Mommy actually let me sleep on my tummy the first few months (don't worry, she fully confessed it to my pediatrician) on account of my super gassy belly that hurt all the time! Between that and reflux, I was pretty uncomfortable, so Mommy gave in and let me sleep on my tummy where I could wiggle my fanny right up in the air and get that gas out! So back to the rolling over business--if I could just devise a way that I wouldn't get stuck on my tummy, I'd be in business...guess I'll work on that these next few weeks.

Another milestone reached just today, that I'm less excited about, is that my sister asked Mommy to take me back to the hospital. I understand the 'can we give him back' thing is a normal milestone that every little brother goes through, but I can't believe it's come to that already! I'm not even old enough to take her toys or anything yet! Thankfully Mommy declined her request, and from what I understand the hospital has a strict 'no return' policy so I should be safe--but still, I think I'll be on my best behavior these next few days just in case.

So aside from today's incident, I have the best big sister in the whole wide world! She always brings me toys and sings me songs and is kind enough to break in all my teething toys immediately before handing them over to me. She doesn't really like to hold me, but given that I'm already more than half her size that's probably just as well. I think she's going to get the whole world all figured out for me, so when I'm a little older she can just explain everything--there can't possibly be a question she won't have already asked, or any "why's" left to answer by then! She's really smart and already knows how to spell her own name. The only problem is she thinks every 'M' is for 'Mackenzie Grace Davis', so I'll have to break the news to her one day that 'M' is for 'Miller' too!

Wow, I'm exhausted after all this blogging, so I think that'll have to be it for now, but Mommy promises the better I sleep at night the more she'll help me blog, so sweet dreams, and hopefully I'll be blogging again soon!

Great blog! I lol'd many times!
Kelsey   Friday, May 11, 2012
Oh what a precious picture and a great blog! Miller, you are as quick and as funny as your big sister! Speaking of Mackenzie, it sounds as if you are really focused on her wonderful assets and have forgiven her for wanting to return you to the hospital. I know you are grateful for the strict "no return" policy!

Look forward to seeing you accomplish the next rolling milestone...sounds as if you are really motivated to make that happen!

Love to your entire family!
Julie Babb   Friday, May 11, 2012
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