Contact Information
Betsy G
LOU-uh-vull, Kentucky

Online Contacts
Twitter  betsyradish
AIM  RosieRiveter8
MSN  radish88
YahooIM!  betsyradish

Pet Peeves
Comic Sans
When People Tell Me I'm Hyper-Sensitive
When People Tell Me I Look Tired
Unnecessary Use of Quotation Marks
Office Gossip
"6 to one and 1/2 a dozen to the other."
"That's a good problem to have."
"Let's download after the meeting."
"This ain't my first rodeo."
"Now more than ever."

About Betsy
I'm a 30-something girl trying her best to enjoy life and someday find a place to call home.


Favorite Music
Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Kansas, Toto

Favorite Movies

Reading, Camping, Fishing, saving money, Humzooing, Movies, Making assorted handicrafts, home improvements, coupons, my dog Fargo, adopting stray cats.