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Monday, November 1st, 2010

I Still Love Halloween

Halloween is inching it's way into the top spot on the list of Betsy's Favorite Holidays.

This weekend was PACKED with Halloween fun.

Friday night, Joe and I partook in the Danger Run, a driving scavenger hunt that took us all over Louisville to find two out-of-the-way haunted houses. It was really fun and silly, and we had lost of laughs. We even got free fangs!

Saturday night, our friends Chris and Diane came over for a few drinks, and then we headed to Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium (yes, that's a real place) for an amazing costume party. I had WAY too much to drink (understatement of 2010) but it was a fantastic time, and I am really blessed to have such amazing friends (and boyfriend Joey).

SUNDAY, it was time for football! Through Joe's connections at 84WHAS, we got two tickets to see the Dolphins (Joe's fav team) play the Bengals in Cincinnati!
In Style, mind you, we had club seats right on the 50 yard line. SO CUSHY.

I was happy to eat a hot dog and nachos, and a big-a$$ Pepsi. YUM!

Dolphins also pulled out a W, which was a great capper on the day.

I looooooove Halloween!

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Sounds like a great holiday and weekend. Next stop--Thanksgiving!
LGrant   Monday, November 1, 2010
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