Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Back on the Trails

Over the last two summers, I haven't been biking on our local trails much. Last summer was extremely buggy and wet. This year, it was scorching with almost not a drop of rain. Sure, I attend my cycling classes at Courts Plus three or four times a week. Susan joins me for two of them. I'll admit she's right. The other two are way too early during the week. Since temperatures have cooled off significantly, Susan and I have been biking to our cycling classes on Monday night and Saturday morning.

Since Courts Plus is closed this weekend for their annual repairs, our Saturday morning class was canceled. We decided this was a perfectly valid excuse to take a longer ride outside. But which trail? The Illinois Prairie Path runs east-west. The Great Western Trail branches off of the Prairie Path to the northwest. The Salt Creek Greenway Trail runs through Eldridge Park in Elmhurst. We live about six houses away from the park. So we decided to bike that trail east to Brookfield Zoo then back to Elmhurst for breakfast. I'm so glad we have a trail like that located within such an urbanized area.

When I started writing this blog, I realized that I didn't grab any photos along the way. Maybe next time.

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