Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

MLB 2012 Game #7: Brewers vs. Cubs

Back in mid-July, I attended my first rooftop game at Wrigley Field. That was my first Chicago Cubs game of the season. While the experience was much better than I expected, I would still prefer to sit inside the park. Sure, I could see all of the activity on the field except for the left field corner. Sitting on the rooftop made me feel as if I was too far removed from the game.

I don't have evidence readily accessible to support this, but this may be the deepest into a season for my first game inside Wrigley Field. Since the 2012 season is only the beginning of the rebuilding process under Theo Epstein, I guess that doesn't matter too much. I didn't miss one ounce of a pennant race.

Today's game has no bearing on the divisional race in the National League Central. Both the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs are too far back in the division and wild card races. The Brewers are sending Mike Fiers (7-6, 2.98 ERA) to the mound. The Cubs will answer with Jeff Samardzija (8-11, 4.09 ERA).

The current NL Central standings look like this:

Cincinnati Reds 79-52 .602 ---
St. Louis Cardinals 71-58 .550 7 GB
Pittsburgh Pirates 69-60 .535 9 GB
Milwaukee Brewers 61-67 .477 16.5 GB
Chicago Cubs 49-79 .383 28.5 GB
Houston Astros 40-89 .310 38 GB

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