Thursday, August 30th, 2012

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when absolutely nothing worked out. From an early start in the morning, to technology issues during the day, it was easy to label Thursday as "one of those days". Faster forward through all of the blah 8-5 weekday issues and I'll discuss the worst part.

I mentioned that we are members of a CSA. We pick up our veggies and fruit on Thursday afternoons in downtown Glen Ellyn. It requires a different route home than my traditional commute, but it's still on my trek home. As I left my office, I hopped in my car with my thoughts locked upon home.

Yes, I took the wrong way.

Not a big deal. I can jump on the eastbound Reagan Expressway for a few minutes and catch the ramp to northbound I-355. There's a small amount of backtracking, but nothing too far out of the way. Of course, as I reached the exit, I was too far to the left and couldn't merge right.


In essence, I drove 95% of the way home and headed westbound on Roosevelt Road. Being after 5 p.m., traffic is heavier than normal. To be expected, naturally. Of course, today there was road construction. There was a stalled car in the median. I also think I caught every single red light on the way.

Yeah, you get. One of those days. Why is the long weekend still a full day away?

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Sorry for your bad day and sorry in advance for my questions (just ignore if you don't have time to answer).
1. Are your fruits and veggies cheaper through a CSA than just going to a farmers market?
2. Do you have a choice in what you get or do they just give you whatever random fruits and veggies happened to be ripe that week?
3. Are they always fresh and in good condition when you get them?

We've been thinking about doing this and Glen Ellyn wouldn't be too far for us. One time a friend let us pick up and have their shipment when they were on vacation and the produce was great. The only problem was that we got a couple vegetables we either didn't like of didn't know how to cook. I guess you just force it down for the nutrition or give it away to someone who will eat it.
jef   Thursday, August 30, 2012
You had a good day playing games, though because you beat me.
BeanCounter37   Friday, August 31, 2012

1. It's probably slightly more expensive than a local farmers market, but during the CSA season, we rarely hit the regular grocery store. Our only stops to the regular store involve milk purchases.

2. The boxes are prepared for you. Our CSA sends an email one or two days in advance, so we know what is coming. Our old CSA had a swap box. Personally, I miss that option.

3. Yes, our box is always in very good condition.
Bill Pearch   Friday, August 31, 2012
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