Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Worst Case Scenario

If the Chicago White Sox still have aspirations of winning the American League Central Division title, they made complicated matters this weekend. This weekend, the White Sox dropped all three games to the Detroit Tigers in Comerica Park. What once was a comfortable three-game lead over the Tigers turned into a two-way tie. One win during that series would have kept the Tigers in second place, two games behind.

This afternoon, Cleveland Indians decided to play spoiler and lend the White Sox a helping hand by beating the Tigers, 3-2. The White Sox will host the Minnesota Twins with a slim half-game lead this evening. With a win tonight, the Tigers could fall to one full game behind the Sox. Since their isn't much schedule left to play, the division title could be determined during the four-game set between the Sox and Tigers in Chicago.

Here's a look at the remaining White Sox schedule:

Minnesota Twins (Sept. 3-5)
Kansas City Royals (Sept. 7-9)
Detroit Tigers (Sept. 10-13)
@Minnesota Twins (Sept. 14-16)
@Kansas City Royals (Sept. 18-20)
@Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Sept. 21-23)
Cleveland Indians (Sept. 24-26)
Tampa Bay Rays (Sept. 27-30)
@Cleveland Indians (Oct. 1-3)

Here's a look at the remaining Tigers schedule:

Cleveland Indians (Sept. 4-5)
@Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Sept. 7-9)
@Chicago White Sox (Sept. 10-13)
@Cleveland Indians (Sept. 14-16)
Oakland Athletics (Sept. 18-20)
Minnesota Twins (Sept. 21-23)
Kansas City Royals (Sept. 24-27)
@Minnesota Twins (Sept. 28-30)
@Kansas City Royals (Oct. 1-3)

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