Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Quest for 100 Losses: 13

During Humzoo's earliest days, I was counting down the magic number for the Chicago Cubs as they pursued their second consecutive National League Central Division title. Now they are technically alive by the thinnest margin. Following tonight's loss, their elimination number was trimmed to one. That means if the St. Louis Cardinals beat the San Diego Padres this evening (as of this moment they are losing 5-2 in the fourth inning), the Cubs are officially eliminated from postseason baseball.

Not a surprise.

I'm curious to see if the team will reach 100 losses. They recently strung together four consecutive wins. Not bad. Not a regular occurrence this season either. Tonight's loss was their 87th of the season. As of this evening, the 2012 season is now tied for the 26th worst season in franchise history. The 1976 and 2010 Cubs both finished with identical 75-87 regular season records.

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