Monday, June 30th, 2008

That's a Sweep, Too!

Calling all Cubs fans. If you handed a neighbor, friend or coworker a broom to taunt them about the Cubs sweep of the White Sox last weekend, be prepared to get it back. They finished their season series tied at three games a piece.

Last night, the umpires made a few questionable calls, and that caused Lou Piniella to get tossed in the bottom of the second inning during Joe Crede's at bat. Though I think the first base umpire blew the call, Piniella would have been better served arguing Ronny Cedeno's play at first. After seeing the replay, he was clearly safe.

In the end, the Cubs swept the series at Wrigley Field while the White Sox accomplished the same feat at US Cellular Field. Perhaps we can settle the score in the World Series.

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I thought the home plate umpire, who by the way was a substitute minor league ump, was a little too quick with the toss. I know you are not suppose to argue balls and strikes and technically the ump was justified in his actions, but in a big game like this I think you need to have a little more patience. Lou was walking back to the dugout after the first base ump told him to get back in the dugout. I hate it when the umpires make themselves a big part of the game. A good umpired game is when you dont even notice the umpire.
RickMonday   Monday, June 30, 2008
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