Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Another Mad Dash to the Finish: Part III

Inching closer. One small step at a time. My quest to find my 800th geocache is sitting at 30. Last night I found number 770 on my slightly out of the way drive home.

Ever since Thanksgiving, the weather around here has taken a turn for the worst. Very cold. But today, the temperatures started to rise again. In fact, this weekend is supposed to be amazing. Amazing in an it's-early-December-in-the-Midwest way, but still amazing.

In terms of pace, I am well ahead of last year's mad dash to New Year's Eve. I'll admit that I haven't been pursuing any difficult hides. One good aspect to living and working in the suburbs is that geocachers will place a number of hides in parking lots. Quick searches. Quick finds.

There's still a decent amount of work to be done.

Tags:  Geocaching
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