Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Another Mad Dash to the Finish: Part VI

Closer and closer by the day. With two successful finds today, I'm now sitting with 788 finds. That means only 12 more until 800. Today, I spent the day at my parents' house watching the Minnesota Vikings throw the Chicago Bears around. On my drive south, I found one simple find in a park-n-ride lot along Interstate 55 in Joliet. I meant to search for that hide back in October when I had to travel to Bloomington for work. On my way back home, I found another hidden near a rest stop in Gardener.

Unfortunately, I had to log a DNF today, too. For non-cachers, that means a Did Not Find. I searched for a replacement cache that I found years ago. The new cache was hidden exactly the same as the original. I knew exactly what I was searching for, unfortunately it was missing. Still, it was a cool hide. In order to log the cache, searchers must climb inside the rocket and reach the top. The magnetic micro cache is located on the very top of the structure. Like I said, it wasn't there.

Tags:  Geocaching
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