Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Quest for 900

Yes, I procrastinated the last two years. Guilty as charged.

Throughout the years, I've posted roughly two dozen blogs about geocaching. Geo-what? Geocaching. It's basically using satellites and handheld GPS receivers to discover tiny logs hidden practically anywhere. Ammo cans. Film canisters. Magnetic keyholders. They may be hidden deep in forest preserves. Near historic landmarks. Underneath lampposts in suburban shopping malls.

Each year, my goal is to reach the next century mark. Since 2013 is my ninth year, my goal is to reach 900 career finds before the ball drops in Times Square. If you recall, the last two Decembers were filled with frantic searches. In 2012, I mentioned that I needed 53 finds on October 21. Just one year earlier, I dug an even deeper hole. While the odds were decidedly stacked against me, I did accomplish my goals both years. I must give Mother Nature considerable credit. A lack of snow and extremely cold weather made for comfortable searches as calendar days waned.

Believe me, I know plans can fall apart quickly. But this yearyeah I think I got it. As of today, I've logged 865 finds. Just 35 shy of my goal for 2013. Not too shabby considering that last year I needed to find 53 in 72 days. Last year, I didn't log my first find until we visited Montreal in late-March. On top of that, I didn't find my second until June 30.

Will I find the next 35 before summer arrives? Stay tuned.

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You should beat your goal going away with your forthcoming western trip.
BeanCounter37   Thursday, April 4, 2013
Wow... you've got a great start!!
girlcarew   Tuesday, April 9, 2013
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