Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Rebranded Miami Dolphins

Do not reboot. There is nothing wrong with your computer or mobile device. I am posting a football blog on a site dedicated primarily to baseball.

At work today, I conducted some sports-related research. We all know how this works. One thing leads to another and another and so on until you find yourself checking scores or making a purchase online. I stumbled upon a photo from Week 1 of the NFL season and noticed that the Miami Dolphins logo appeared different. Sure enough, they rebranded the team logo this offseason. Since the team was founded in 1966, only subtle alterations have been made to the logo.

In with the new:

Out with the old:

Perhaps Craig Robinson at Flip Flop Fly Ball will update this stroke of genius.

Logos courtesy of: Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page

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